Saturday, February 16, 2008

American Girl FUN!!!

I pleage a legence to the FLAG...I will never go back in the American Girl Store on a SAT withour own three girls trying to pick dolls along with the other 1000 other girls trying to pick dolls...hehe. No Actually we had a BLAST...Alicia got Kaya the American Indian doll, Carly got Julie the 70's girl and ME KY KY got the one that looks just like her. OH MY GOSH...I had the worst time making a decision...Of course I want her to have the Kaya doll, then there is the Josifina doll...but the necklace and earrings would have been broke. I first bought the BITTY BABY girl one each kid could have one...Then Jaggers DEDE told me he could not have a DOLL...Like whatever...Kya was not into the twins and wanted the LONG hiar dolls like Alicia and Carly. We bought all the DOLLS and our GIRLS matching American Girl Shirts. Kya's doll also got the BIRTHDAY cupcake set, since she is having a cupcake party herself. We then ate at the American Girl Bistro...which was so cool and the food was healthy and YUMMY...I wish every eatery had a healthy kids menu like they do. SO how long were we in the American Girl store...guess??? I will tell you answer on MONDAY NIGHT.
We then went and closed the Galleria down SHOPPING IT UP. Childrens Place 9(thanks alot Jana) and Old Navy have really cute new stuff and its on sale. Kya also got two Stratsburg dresses for her 2 year portriat setting that is coming up in March. At 9pm we took the girls to eat Mexican at Uncle Julios and it was SUPER GOOD...The girls were real troopers all day and handled the SHOPPING like PROS! Kya is still up with me and Carly and ALicia are in bed...Alicia got really sick tonight after dinner...PLEASE PRAY we all stay healthy. Stephanie...if you read this I thought about you all day and I am so sorry I was not there for you today. I am just happy to know your Grandma is out of pain and with my Uncle Don again...HUGS

All DECKED out for the American Girl DAY!!!


Kya has been with her DOLL for two minutes and is already BOSSING HER AROUND...SO MY CHILD

Our Dolls got to eat lunch with us too

These next few pictures are what I get when I tell her to say CHEESE...LOVLEY

Looks like the CHEESE is causing her PAIN to me???
Alicia and her KAYA DOLL...She loves that it has the same name as her COUSIN!

Alicia took this picture of Me and Me KY KY
Ky Ky Chillin with her American Girl Doll and Passy
Yup had to do the PICKIN SHOT
The girls ACTUALLY BEFORE DINNER...we took then to dinner in there PJ'S...LOVE VACATION!

Who knows what Carly and Kya are doing here!

Cassie and Kya playing before Aunt Cassie went to bed...guess who is still 12:42 am???


Tricia said...

OKAY - my guess

You hung out there for almost 5 hours!

Am I close?

Anonymous said...

Kya's NaNa guesses:8hrs-I figure from 10 til 6 pm! Thanks again Mommy for posting pics so quickly-Nana want so see all the fun. The first pic made me laugh out loud--it is soooo KyKy!! Miss U all-wish I was there too-Besos!

Katie said...

SO FUN !! I am going to guess 6 hours !

Natalie C. said...

I haven't been to the Galleria in forever! Call me and I can meet up with ya'll sooner, I don't know what your plans are.

Natalie C. said...

Oh, I forgot to say, Kevin won't let Caleb have dolls either :)

Sophie's mommy said...

ok I worked at the one in Chicago. had lunch, maybe the dolls had their hair done and maybe caught the show if like the one in Chicago I have to say nana is really close.. 7 to 8 hours...

Carrie said...

How fun! I want to go! I would be there for at least 4 hours and would have a very hard time making a decision.

Enjoy your trip.

Belinda said...


Looks like you guys are having fun!! I am going to guess that you guys were at the American Girl Store for 5 hours.