Monday, June 11, 2007

YES...this is the way I ROLL

WOW WOW WOW...My adoption BLOGGERS ROCK!!! I really can't believe the total they have raised so far for our friends stuck in Guatemala.
The number one question I get is where did you get that???? So I tried to tell where I got everything in the pictures...I guess you all already know where I got Kya Blu...hehe
Lookin COOL and Roll N 2 the POOL...yes this is a swim suit and my mommy got it at Kathleen's Kids when we went with Shannon.
My Future's so bright I got a wear shades!!!
OH MY GOSH...that is the cutest baby I have ever seen and boy oh boy she is so stylin with a little 70's Flare
Mommy what are you doing in there...the Besos are waiting for you out here

Yea My Mommy taught me this pose she is into VOGUE....nothing is better than 3 Kya Blu's
Sage and Kya Blu...too sweet...Kya walking down Brookside and making friends...yup mommy taught me that one too....hehe...Aunt Lala you should have seen me! Oh Kya;s flip flops I got at Wal Mart and they ROCK...they stayed on all day. They have them in Black and White.
WHITE FLIP FLOPS...This is my FAV PIC of the day...this is Nana, Kya Blu and Mommy
Imagine this times 10...that is what Kya's room looked like before we organized it. Thanks mom for all your help. Yes this is my living room...those who know me don't fall out of your chair...I usually pick it up every night, its my new workout program...HA

Kya Blu's Room Makeover Show...LOVE these storage units from Target...on sale for $40 this week!
LOVE THIS!!! Check out the baby Feather Boa
I know there are some ANIMAL fans out there who are wondering with he has been up too...He is just HANGIN with Kya Blu and...
The SHREK triplets...aren't they cute! You can get them at build a bear!

Nana made these letters for Kya Blu and those are her Guatemalan Butterflies hanging with them.
What the heck happened to my room while I was asleep????
My room is dancing to the beat of a new the drum at Target
Where I always find Kya Blu now...standing in her chair in her room.

You see she has a THING for chairs right now
The Shirt says it all...just ask my Daddy...he has two of us now! Got these PJ's at Old Navy
A piece of Guatemala...hanging in our family room every day....this pic is for Maria and Pepe
Don't even think about taking a picture of me in this Hat...Nana got me the hat at Old Navy

Holly this sign is for you...YIPEEE all the BLOGGERS raised the money to pay TWO months rent for Cheryl and Erin....My vote for songs that Holly should dance to are Cowboy Baby and Pour Some Sugar on Me....I think you should dance to TWO songs now Girlfriend...HAHAHA


The McKenzie Crew said...

I LOVE her room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't wait for Miss Abby-Grace to have her own room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Candy- she seems to be the hppiest baby ever:)

I am so happy for you girls:)


Bekah said...

Okay, I am cracking up and loving that you tell where you got everything. I LOVE her room. Precious! She is beautiful as always!

ManyBlessings said...

I LOVE the room (and the cute baby in it of course)!!! I may have to head to Target very soon...

jajbs said...

Like I said, before... One of THE CUTEST baby girls I have EVER seen!!!!! Her room is precious!


Natalie Cook said...

"Sassy just like Mommy"...Do they make those for boys? I really hope we get to see you in a couple of weeks...Keep me posted.

Home sweet home said...

YES -- pictures of Kyas room -- LOVE IT !!

Soltana said...

Love the room pics.. I'm getting Cerah one of those storage units..glad I got to see it "in person" before I bought it.. Funny flip flop pics :) tooo cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Kya's Nana says: Us girls just have TOO much fun everywhere we go!! I just wish all you could see little miss independent Kya-struttin her self down the sidewalk-little arms just flapping and that little tushie workin it! Sooo cute! Makes Nana laugh til i cry-Ha! Blessings to All!


Thanks for helping me with a fix for my addiction. I have to admit that I am somewhat glad to be a member of GBA.

Your little girl is too, too much. I love the little outfits you put her in. Keep those pics coming!

The Carroll's said...

Kya is adorable!! I love her room and her beautiful outfits.

Shelby said...

Now I know we hae great taste in clothes 'cause Breahna has the sassy pj's too

Carrie said...

Love the room. My living room looks very similar and I too pick it up every night. Don't know why. Just obsessive.

Chairs are made for standing, right????

She is such a little fashion plate. Love the mirror photos too. Savannah is amazed by who is in the mirror.

Holly G. said...

Kya is beautiful as always!!! Our house is always looking like a cyclone hit, too. I'm getting sick of cleaning it up!!! And I don't think I ever heard of that cowboy song and pour some sugar on me is not even in the running, I'll make sure of that!!! Loving the pictures of your toes but would love to see more of your face...I miss you guys!!!

Maria Izabel said...

OHHHH MYYY CANDYYY!!!! KYA'S BEDROOM IS JUST INCREIBLE!!!! I LOVE IT IS JUST THE GREATEST BEDROOM EVER AND ALL OF HER OUTFITS ARE JUST BEAUTIFUL AS SHE IS!!! And I also love how you've decorated with guatemalan stuff!!! we all love it here (my brother, pepe, my dad...etc...) we¡re all infront of the computer!
We love ya
All of us! jeje

Anonymous said...

She is a doll in that pink dress and those WHITE flip flops!!!! (So how many pair of those does she have?) lol Looks like it was a fun day on Brookside. I am missing my baby girl... Give her kisses and hugs for me!! Love, Aunt Lala