Monday, June 04, 2007

OKC Guatemalan Swim Fiesta!!!

We really had the best time at our OKC Guatemalan Fiesta and Swim Party. Thank you so much Jana for hosting it. We had 8 Guatemalan girls there. Kya and I also want to thank you for having us in your home all weekend, we really love you all and feel at home at your house. Kya had a blast playing with Jenna and the boys. Kya and Jenna play just like sisters...taking each others toys and pushing each other around and then in the end smiling and loving on each other. FYI if going to Jana's for the weekend...cut up your WALMART credit card...HAHA
THE GIRLS...yes we had all girls this time
Rod, Jana, Ronnie, Aaron, Avery, and Jenna Marie....Thanks so much for hosting the party.
Candy and Kya Blu
Deanna and Aubrey Joann

Kerri and Ruby Dulce Maria...or RUBY I am going to call her. Ruby came home at the end of May
Missy and Molly Pattin and Mattie Chadawn
Phyllis and Kristen Delaney
Maria and Anna Maria ElizabethVicki, Ramon, and Johanna Etelvina

This group shot was a hard one to you can see
Ruby, Kya Blu and Johanna
Ruby, Kya Blu, Kristen, and Jenna
Kya and Mommy Posing by the POOL
Sunglasses and the warm sun!!!

I love this picture of Jana and Jenna Marie
Jenna Marie weighing in at 23 lbs and Kya Blu weighing in at 21lbs. Can you guess the number one question we got all weekend?????
Any Guesses?
Thank you NANA for the matching pillow case dresses we looked so SWEET in them

Are they Twins or are they related??? Even when I told them no they are both from Guatemala, I still got but are the was too funny. Kya and her first trip to Sunday School...she did AWESOME and did not even cry. I guess I will hold on to her leg and cry next time...haha

Jana the STYLIST fixed Kya's Hair with no bangs...It was so cute
Rub a Dub Dub Two Guate Tot's in the tub
Kya Blu...Its all about you
And Jenna Marie who is cute as she can be


Pretty Princess
Rubber Ducky your the and Avery make bath time lots of fun...Oh Avery I am totally fond of do do
Avery was making Jenna and Kya Laugh so we could get these TUBBY shots
AVERY FLYING HIGH ...Guess who thinks this is the funniest thing she has EVER seen???
That's right Kya Blu...she is totally Crazy over Avery

She was laughing at him so hard she could not catch her breath
Yee Haw...Little Sweet as Cherries COWGIRL JENNA
Jenna Loving her new chair....her mommy got a DEAL on that chair by the way
OK This is one of my favorite pictures that is candid...I just love the way Jenna is looking over at Kya like girl you are full of it...and Kya is like yup pretty much!


Our Adoption Process said...

Oh MY! If Maya was there, I think they would have been asking if they were triplets! In my opinion, Jenna is the child that most resembles Maya so far. That is wild. Does her Mommy have a blog?

Kya, as usual, looks perfect!

Hugs, Kerry

Our Family of 5 said...

Oh my goodness! How adorable are all them babies! Looks like a wonderful time had by all!

Anonymous said...

OMG...they do look so much alike!! In the pics with just one I had to read your caption to tell who was who?!?! Too funny... :) CUTE pictures...I wish I lived closer so our 3 girls could join in on the fun!! Kya is adorable, as usual! :)
Kristy (keithandkristy)

Home sweet home said...

NO Fair -- looks like so much fun :) All of the babies are beautiful !!!!

Kris and Mindy said...

OH my gosh how FUN!!!!!!!! Looks like an awesome time and it is so fun to get together like that, isn't it!? Love it! I LOVE that pillowcase dress. Please visit my blog and tell me where I can get one because I have been searching for one for Mikayla. THANKS.

Sometimes I look at Kya and I see Mikayla. Especially some of those pics in the tub when her bangs are pulled back. WOW! There were some that looked so similar. Maybe it's just me. LOL.

Love all the pictures, hairbows, and outfits. Being a mom to a girl SURE is fun!

Kris and Mindy said...

Yes...PLEASE let me know about the dress because I want one. I adore it!!! She SHOULD go into business because those are AWESOME! Love them!

Yes, Mikayla has a birthmark of sorts on her head there. It gets RED when she is MAD. LOL....but you can see it other times too but then sometimes it is barely there.

Come on up to Ohio. Come to big picnic I am planning. It is on July 28th and you guys could be the guests of honor. There will be a ton of forum buddies there. It's going to be out biggest event yet!


Kris and Mindy said...

OK...last comment I swear. I love the APPLE outfit. Are you a Gymboree nut like I am? OMG I can't get enough of that store. They had a HUGE sale lately and I bought half the store I swear. TONS of stuff for this fall and winter. LOVE Gymboree.

Home sweet home said...

Hey -- to be a part of the rant blog contact krystal @

The McKenzie Crew said...

Girl - those are some beautiful baby girls!!!!!!

I hope we can all get together again:)Erin still talks about wanting to see cute Kya again:)She wants to babysit Gia, Kya and Abby and for the three of us to take John-Bryan and go shopping -


Maria Izabel said...

Ohhh my God!!! She's adorable!! and it IS so funny that they look soo much's just crazy...I miss you both too so much and I wish you where here!!! Kya's just growing up so fast! she's a little girl now...not a baby...mmm...she's just lovely!!!
My internet has been off all week so now that I'm looking at all this cute pictures I'm just really IMPRESSED!!! I'm really glad you're having fun! Love you lots...

Natalie said...

Oh my heavens...those girls are all just beautiful! Looks like you had SO much fun!

Stephanie (Maya's mommy) said...

FUN FUN FUN!!!! Wish we had been there too! Every one of those girls are gorgeous!!!! What fun!stephanie

Soltana said...

Look slike you guys had a great time... the girls are are too ocute... I can't believe how much they look alike!!!! They're beautiful!!!