Monday, June 18, 2007

Life with the Garcia's...Fun Fun Fun

Bella and her Mommy still needs our prayers...Bella has to go back in for more surgery on Friday...that means she has to be put under again. Bella is still having to take pain medicine and is very uncomfortable.Lisa you know my heart is breaking for you...we are your family through adoption and we are here for you all the way. I posted this prayer request on my BLOG because...we are the people who understand the pain Lisa is going through...we work so hard and put so much of ourselves into bringing these precious babies home...that even the thought of anything happening to too hard to handle.

Here it is by poor little toe and our pictures of our wonderful days with the Garcia Crew!

Here it is Folks... The Big BREAK...OUCH...that little piggy is BROKE!!!
Kya FLAPPING her arms with excitement when she saw Jenna and the boys.
Avery takes a SLIDE
Aarron Loves our Mexican Joint
Ronnie I love ya even though you are a TEXAS fan...FALLS CREEK ROCKS!!!
Ronnie totting around 2 strawberry shortcakes
Come here Boy..Didn't you here him say KISS THE BRIDE
I now pronounce you Husband and Wife...hehe

Yup Jenna its true...I am your SIL now...
Kya hugging her ELMO baby doll
The Whole GANG...
The picture below is a whole new meaning for horse and carriage...Avery riding a horse pushing a Basket..

My Little Minnie Mouse Swim Suit Modle this pic of Mr. Avery
Yes we are on our Honeymoon...We took the DON BOAT crusie ship...BON VOUAGE
LOVE this picture of Jenna and Jana...Mommy's little Princessa
Bikini BABE
Soaking up the Sun

This is what a day with the Garcia Crew will do to you...SACKED OUT...Mommy, Bunny and Kya Blu...HAHAHAH...JUST KIDDIN
Let me wash your hair for you Girlfriend
Jenna Marie
Kya Blu

WE partied to hard last night...
Jenna and Kya in there Guatemalan Dresses
Oh Avery you crack me up...Oh you think I look pretty in pink...blush blush
More Guatemalan dresses....Our mommy's are CRAZY with these photo shoots
Maria me these Guatemalan Animals
What to do...when you have moms this SILLY
Hula Hula Jenna
Hula Hula Kya Blu
See my Guatemalan Ball

What the heck did they put on my head????
Howdy Partner
Banana Rama
As you can see we pulled out all my props


Home sweet home said...

Adorable !! Now its my turn to be jealous !! Wow do those two chicks look similar !! How is Ms Kya feeling today ?? I think our phone call got disconnected !!

Our Family of 5 said...

Your Poor Piggie! Ouch! Hope it gets to feeling better soon!
All of the kids are just beautiful! Kya is of course a little princess! Love them dimples!

Natalie Cook said...


Ya'll look like you had so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Kya's Nana says: Oh What Fun!! Thank you mommies for taking so many wonderful pictures so the rest of us can share in these memories. Kya Blu Angelica Murnan! You better invite your Nana to your I dos--I'll need time to make a "white lace" pillowcase dress-HA! hugs & kisses to all

The McKenzie Crew said...

Lots of prayers going up -

GORGEOUS PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Carrie said...

Candy, I feel so sorry for you about your toe. How painful! How can you keep up with Kya. I couldn't, but I could empathize with your story. You can't brush your teeth, go potty, take a shower or eat. They are into everything and you can't look away for a second. I can only type right now because I have Savannah in a safe zone that we set up and she has Elmo so she is happy for a short while!

Feel better!

The photos are so cute! Looks like Kya is ready to go to Hawaii with Savannah. We are going Sept. 1-10 on a cruise. I cannot wait. Want to go? I know you love vacation like we do!!!!

jajbs said...

Those sure are some really cute children!! Praying for Bella and your toe:)


Anonymous said...

Candy, we had so much fun at your house, thanks for making us feel so comfortable! You were brave for having 4 kids at one time!! You still want more?? haha Thanks for posting the pictures, they turned out really cute. Too bad we didnt get to see Nana, we missed her and we really wanted her at the Ceremony! haha. hmmm Kya Blu Garcia... yeah, that fits her :) Hope you feel better soon.
Love ya,
Jana and kids