Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Doodles Dad's Day...We Love YOU!

OH what a day...Lets see I woke up to a crying baby girl with a 104 fever...Thanks goodness I still have my Medicine Cataflan from GC...with that her fever came down in 15 min...But she is still crying every time she coughs. Then I was brushing my teeth so Kya decided she wanted to brush hers too. I took my eyes off of her for like 5 seconds and she decided to clean the toilet with her toothbrush...all I saw when I turned around is her pulling the tooth brush out of the toilet and it was moving towards her I of course like any of you yelled no and ran towards her...unfortunately I tripped over her Hop and Pop and OUCH broke my two small toes on my left foot. Now this happens to my poor Hubby like all the time...but never me. He is totally LAUGHING at me but I will show him (see the picture below)! So now I have to hope around on one foot...that being said Kya has taken over the WHOLE HOUSE...and mommy can do nothing about it. I have a ton of Awesome Pictures to post of last week. Jana her Guate Tot Jenna and her 3 brothers got to stay with us and we had a BLAST! I hope to get to post them tomorrow.

Kyas new words for this week are OH COOL...which she says about anything she wants or her new kitchen. Bite for when wants to eat. Tickle Tickle for when she wants to play with you and wants you to tickle her.

What Kya likes to do with her new storage bins in her room...wait first she brings them to the living room and then climbs in on top of the toys.

Totally comfortable sitting on TOYS...

GOOFY DADDY...this is your pay back for LAUGHING at mommy's broken toe!!

Handsome Daddy...out for Fathers Day Dinner at Molly's Landing

A small preview of Mommy's Gone Bananas...hehehe..Kya Blu and Jenna Marie...Our Hula dancing cowgirls?????


Rodrigo said...

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Laurie said...

Mindy had a big fever this week, too. Did Kya have a 15 month vaccination recently? That'll do it.

Sorry about your toes. That's gotta hurt!

Hey! We have a birthday coming up. Any big plans? Mine is the big 4-0! AHHH!

The McKenzie Crew said...

I am LUVIN he last pic!!!!!!!
Tell me you are going to open your own photography store - with all the props you've got girl:)


Bekah said...

Oh my goodness that last picture is hilarious! I love that she crawls in her little storage bins. She is so CUTE!

Our Family of 5 said...

My goodness they are adorable! I love the bananas picture! Too darn cute! Hope your toes get to feeling better soon.

Jaime said...

I just love the last picture! How cute! Hope your toes feel better soon. I did the same thing last year...well...I didn't trip over a Hop and Pop while on the way to save my daughter from a germ-infested toothbrush, but I did break my toes...and my husband laughed at me also!


Ouch! I believe that since my daughter came home something about mommahood has changed my body because I've turned into a total klutz -- I broke two toes on a Target shopping cart! Hope that you are up and going again soon.

Natalie Cook said...

never mind the e-mail, now i know how you broke your toe. the picture of jenna and kya is too cute! and the one of shawn, priceless!