Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The DOODLE and the Magna DOODLE

This is how the Doodles Dad works from home...with his little Artist on his lap and a phone to his ear.
I bought Kya a Magna Doodle since she loves to draw so much...I asked daddy to pick up the toys while we were out the other day and when we came home this is what we found from Daddy...Oh Doodle you are so beautiful...Daddy I love you...and Mommy saying Gitcha Gitcha BOO...which is a game I play with her...too sweet Daddy
The real reason to own a Magna Doodle...and DUCKY SLEDE
Kya wearing her Mono Loco shirt from Antigua and driving her ducky round and round on the DOODLE BOARD
Come on DUCKY lets try to find a way up these stairs
WE LOVE YOU KYA...YOU MAKE US SMILE 1000 times a day!!!


Our Family of 5 said...

She is just a doll baby! Love the orange dress and bow!

Natalie C. said...

too cute in the big, oversized shirt and one sock...i love it

Anonymous said...

Kya's Nana says: Oh Angel Baby! You are wearin one of Nana's favorite colors--ORANGE!! Say:
You fill my heart with joy xoxo

Soltana said...

Have you tried the Aqua doodle?? Derek loves his and Cerah plays with it alll the time.... we use our magna doodle on road trips... LOVE the orange outfit!!!

jajbs said...

I love the one sock off and one sock on picture-- too cute! I just bought a dress like the one in the last pic for my Bella-- i am praying she will be home in time to wear it!


Shannon said...

I love the stair blockade!!! LOL!!! You CRACK me up!!!

Give precious a hug and kiss for me!!!


Such a cutie! Gotta love budding artists (Garrett and Elena just got their own MagnaDoodle for our long car rides). The picture in the orange dress is just gorgeous!

Carrie said...

So agree with that last statement, Savannah makes a smile at least that much!