Thursday, November 29, 2007

Work in Progress

Ok I started the list of BLOGS I read before I left and have not had time to add more...So I hope to get them all added by the end of next week. Please let me know if you want your BLOG on the list! I have also been working on a Slide Show of our Thanksgiving trip...but I think I took to many pictures or something...HAHA...hope to have that done tomorrow. Why can't I get anything done word for you KYA...and two other words FIT THROWER. She has been a PILL for sure! You can see by her ATTITUDE in these pictures.

This pretty much sums this post up...this is SO Kya Blu...or should I say Bra Bra's Kya Blu ( see story below pictures to explain this)

What my daughter likes to do in OLD NAVY...just makeing sure the screws are in place MOM

How Kya sat her picnic table before bed the other night

So two cute stories...Kya Blu has a few little FRIEND FANS herself. First my friend Katie her son Bra Bra...has a BIG OLE CRUSH on Miss Kya Blu. He wants to watch her video all day and says My Kya Bwuu....Hope you get this on Video Katie!

Second my friend Jana's daugher Jenna likes to name all her family memebers...Momma, daddy, Bubby, Arron, Avery, and Kya we are laughing not sure if she thinks she is Kya Blu since they look alike..or since they look alike she thinks she is her sister...either way its too funny!

We love both of these families like the are happy there Kids feel the same way about Kya Blu


Krystal said...

That girl is too cute! I love the Old Navy pic. It's a big relief to know that my child is not the only one rolling around in the floor at public places!

Natalie C. said...

i love the first is too cute!

Tricia said...

Hey Candy!!

I want on your blogroll!!!! :)

Glad to see Kya Blu is happy at Old Navy!!!! :) I SO know how that goes!!

Carrie said...

Ok, so I am not the only one with little miss attitude THROWING everything all over the place and laying on the floor when she doesn't get her way.

Love the stories and picnic table.

I miss you SO much and Savannah doesn't let me talk on the phone either!!!!

Kelly said...

Oh sure I want on too !!!!!

Kya Blu you are such a doll, and your little attitude reminds me of Little Miss Sky

Kerri said...

She's just trying to keep you on your toes. :)
Kerri and Ruby

Sarah said...

Give her a few months to practice and she can catch up with Sophie~Bug!! LOL

Feel free to add us to your blog roll, you are on ours!


Anonymous said...

Kya's Nana says: Oh Yea! Candance-you are payin for yer raisin! Only difference--you were 3 when you got an attitude--Nana is just laughin this time around--and just think--You get to do it again--right Jagger?? Besos!

Princess D said...

Hi Candy,

So glad you had a good trip and got to be together as complete family for the first time! That is so great. Please add me to your blogroll girl. So, laughing at the first two pics of Kya. That is too funny and Ms. Dani would certainly give Ms. Kya a run for her money in the 'tude department. Whew those two together would be trouble.

Dani's new favorite thing is to point to the seat of my pants and shreak "Mommy Poo Poo". Rather humiliating. I then tell her that no I don't have poop in my pants that I use the potty. She laughs hysterically.


Amy said...

Feel free to add us to your Blog roll! I love visiting both of your Blogs and seeing new pics of both kiddos!!!

Cassie said...

Alicia says I wish I could play tea-party with you baby kya.

Courty said...

What a cutie with attitude!

--I wrote on your wall!

Farrah said...

You can add us to to your blog roll if you want..

Madisyn would like that!!!

Raising a Vols Fan!! said...

I would be honored to be on your blog list

Love Kya's outfits!!!

Dayngr said...

Please add my blog to your blog roll and stop by and visit too!