Friday, November 09, 2007

Forever Family Day November 1st 2007

What a wild ride this last year has been...let me tell you one thing I have no memory of my life with out Kya Blu. I really can't believe its been a year. Kya is such a blessing to everyone that is in her life. She is the reason for so many smiles and giggles in our home. She is a REAL PIECE OF WORK! She is bossing...excuse me, I mean talking more and more each day. She is a total Climber and loves to climb out of her crib and pretty much destroy the house. She climbs on her kitchen stove and in her refrigerator. She still LOVES her toys especially the Kitchen daddy bought her and her Sleepy time stuffed animals Bunny and Puppy. Her favorite TV shows right now are Dora, Yo gabba gabba, Jacks big music show and her most favorite right now MAX AND RUBY...which we are fixing to live out very soon in our own lives...see the last 3 pictures. She would rather drink than eat right now. She loves Milk, OJ, Strawberry Lemonade and water. She loves all fruit, and Pasta. She is EXTREMELY outgoing and loves kids and makes friends easy. She pretty much walks in anywhere and says Hi and goes right up to people to try to get them to play. Now she can throw a FIT with the best of them and he favorite word when she is mad is NINE...a combo she created of NO and MINE. She loves to Go Go Go and we pretty much have to leave the house at least once a day...because she drags me and her shoes to the back door saying go go go. Speaking of shoes..she is a TOTAL shoe girl and when we go in a shoe store she get so excited and starts shaking and saying WOW WOW WOW...its too cute. We have never been happier as we are being parents to this sweet and rotten DOODLE BUG!

Our First time on US soil...Nov 1st 2006 at the Houston Airport....Here I come people you better get ready I am a FEISTY little MESS!
First time SOONER FAN Nov 2nd 2006
Testing out her crib for the first time Nov 2nd 2006
Home ONE YEAR and going Banana's Miss Monkey Shine Blu
Yes Its true its been a WHOLE YEAR...Kya Blu we love you so much...we can not ever imagine our life before you. You have SO many of us wrapped around your little finger. What a blessing it is to get to spend time with this little Angel!
A sleepy Halloween 2007
Halloween 2006...Off to the Embassy

What do you get for the Princess that has everything as a Forever Family Day Gift???? How about a Baby Brother...introducing Kya's new baby Brother
Hey Sis thanks for letting me make an appearance on your Famous Blog...I feel like a celebrity already!
Please dear lord...make this my easygoing rug rat.... love mommy Amen!
Happy Forever Family day Kya Blu...I can't wait until next year when I am home and can celebrate it with you...Maybe Daddy will get me a baby sister...hehehehehe...Don't have a heart attack honey I am only kidding!
Here is the link to Brother's BLOG! Enjoy!


ManyBlessings said...

Happy One Year Kya!!!

Lisa said...

Happy first family day! Kya is so adorable, love the dimples and the smile.

I know exactly what you mean.... I had a life before Chase?

Soon you will have two wonderful family days.

Kerri said...

Happy Family Day!
Kerri and Ruby

Mary said...

Happy Family Day Miss Kya Blu.What a beautiful baby brother.

jkay said...

Happy Forever Day KYA!!! And Miss Candy, I think that may just be a GO Longhorn sign Kya is doing in that 5th picture... hmmm, maybe that was for Avery. Hey, smart girl!! haha LOL I knew she was part Texan!!! :) CUTE Brother also!!
Love, Jana and Jenna

Kathy said...

Happy Family Day!

Kristin & Greg said...

Oh, my goodness!!!!! What a beautiful treat to scroll down through all the sweet photos of Kya AND then see her baby brother!!! He's precious!!! Congratulations!!!!


Soltana said...

Happy family day.... :)

We loove Max and Ruby TOO!!!

Little brother is tooo darn cute too!!!

Off to check out his blog :)

Amy said...

A whole year ALREADY!!! What a wonderful event to celebrate! Praying for a speedy process to get your little boy home as well!

Mamá to the best 2 said...

Happy FOREVER Family Day!! Can't believe it's been a year.. time sure does fly, doesn't it?

Our Family of 5 said...

Happy Forever Family Day! What a blessing they both are!!

Maria Izabel said...

ohhh...she drives me crazy!!! she is the cutest baby i've ever seen!!! come home soon!

Bobbi said...

Congratulations--on both fronts. What adorable children.

We are trying to figure out what day is forever family day. Is is the day that we got him in Guatemala, or the day that we brought him home with his sisters. We still have a few months to decide....

Kris and Mindy said...

WOW...I just can't believe it's been a year already...ours is coming up soon and I just can't believe it! I remember SOOOOO well that picture of the suitcases and thinking OMG how on EARTH did you manange. I know what a blessing Kya is to you and you are both such amazing and wonderful parents. I am so excited about Kya getting a brother and YOU BOTH getting a son! He is gorgeous and I check your other blog everyday:-) Prying for a smooth process and HAPPY 1 YEAR GUYS!

Carrie said...

Happy Forever Family Day Kya!!!!!
What a wonderful thing to celebrate! I am SO happy you are getting a baby brother. I got a train set and now the train table is the living room centerpiece since I climb on everything too!

Our official day (Embassy Day) is today and we came home on November 16th. We had a great celebration over the weekend! Catching up now with the non-napper!!! AHHHHH!!!!

Jaime said...

Yea! Happy Family Day!! Also, congratulations on your baby boy...he is adorable!