Tuesday, November 13, 2007


What has Miss Kya Blu been up to???....UP is the word to focus on in that question. She is a TOTAL CLIMBER. She CLIMBS everything in site. She has no fear even when she falls. There is no keeping her in her crib and mommy it TIRED because of that. I took Kya to the mall today to CLIMB on toys she is suppose to climb on but we had to leave because she got a fever. Please check out Bubby's Blog for PROGRESS on his case. Hugs

I am just hanging out her here looking CUTE...really don't I look innocent and sweet???
Hi mom...no way am I going for your LAP TOP over there....remember I am sweet and innocent lil oh Kya Blu...your huggie bear
I have to hurry up here while mommy is out of the room....
OH CRAP I have been Caught in MID CLIMB
Don't worry a bit mom I am just cooking the GINGERBREAD MEN on my BOOTY...that's all really it has to be done


Alleen said...

oh my goodness. Glad I'm not the only mommy to a major climber. She scares me the way she jumps around on the couch since we have hard tile floors.

Thank GOD she hasn't climbed out of her crib - YET!

Kerri said...

Too funny! Hope Kya Blu is feeling better today. I'll call you this afternoon.
Kerri and Ruby

Carrie said...

If you lived closer they could climb together and give us heart attacks. Savannah climbs on everything but cries for help, she won't go down. She looks like the Statue of Liberty on the table. I took all the tables out of the living room and now it is the top of the couch and toys. She has always been a climber and I don't see other kids do that like her except on blogs. That is why we go to My Gym.

I hope she is feeling better!!!!

Courtney said...

She is really cute. Courtney