Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Mall, The Park, And Dinner Out...Kya's World

I have so much to POST....we had our HOME ONE YEAR Hip Hip Huraaayyy Day...and I wanted to do a special Post but all my pictures are on my DEAD Computer...
My favorite PLACE at the Mall...the computers at Build a Bear
What do you mean Mom...we can't build Rudolf today...What they won't let us build one till Thur? Then why the heck do they have them plastered all over the store then???? Ok well maybe that is what Mommy was saying...hehe
See it says so right here...I am the Princess and you have to listen to me
See take a Look for your self
and if you don't listen I will get your Brother back there to do it....Kya made two CUTE boyfriends at the Mall Park
Trying so hard to take Aunt Shannons CREDIT CARDS...she must have known Kathleens Kids was the next STOP of the day...hehe

Kya's first SAND BOX...experience...since her mommy is not a SAND FAN...she went over and made friends with another mommy and then stole her shovel and was FUNNY

Hold on Tight
One little Monkey Swinging in a Swing
Higher Grandpa Kery Higher
Kya walking Grandpa Kerby to the Park

Thanks for coming to Lunch with us...but most of all thanks for the GREAT PARK idea...I love it here!


Katie said...

The pics with Kya and her boyfriends are sooooo cute -- You are in SOOOOO much trouble when she gets a little older !! Although she does look like she can hold her own with them !!! Give Kya besos from Angelika :)

Lisa said...

She definitely makes a eautiful princess. Kya is adorable. Chase and I head to the mall today to make Rudolph..... I said the same thing with the DInosaurs... why have them plastered all over????

Kerri said...

If you guys are ever up and moving early enough, that play area at the mall is our favorite thing to do on Sunday mornings.
Kerri and Ruby

Alleen said...

cute, cute, cute!!!!!!

Making friends with that mommy and stealing her stuff is sooooooooooooo something Gabriella would do!

So, what are your favorite bow sources??? Hers are always so adorable!

Shannon said...

I wasn't sure she was going to give me my cards back!! She really had a grip on them!!!

BESOS to Kya!! Hope you are feeling better!!

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...
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Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

That last picture is adorable!!!