Thursday, November 08, 2007

FPFriday...For you Aunt Ya Ya...I mean La La

What the heck would we do with out Aunt LaLa....who Kya calls Aunt ya ya. Alicia has always been a great BF but she may be an even better Kya loves her so much she sometimes will call her momma too. Alicia is a HUGE help to my sanity. She always steps up to help with Kya with out even being asked. She will feed her, change her, bath her...ect with out me having to say a word. When Aunt La La gets to the house...Kya runs right to her and takes her by the hand and into her room to play. So for this FAV Photo Friday...its all about Kya and her Aunt Ya Ya. We love you Aunt Ya Ya!

One of my FAV pics of Kya and Aunt ya ya...too sweet

MY Aunt Ya Ya mommy!!!

Kya Smiling for Aunt Ya Ya's camera

Oh back in the DAYS...Aug that is...on our BRANSON FOREVER Girls Vacation...How bout them Haygoods???

At Alicia's 30th Bday Bash...Friends Forever


Laurie said...

LaLa rocks! You can totally see that!

Aunt LaLa said...

OH,my gosh!!! What a wonderful surprise this friday morning to find pictures of me and my favorite little girl!! I can't even remember what we ever did with all our time before you were home baby girl.. I love you so very much and enjoy every minute i get to spend with you (well, i could do without the temper tantrums.. lol)
Love u much!

Soltana said...

LALA is great!!! I love that pic too :)

Maria Izabel said...

hey Candy!!! you look great in that picture!!! too hott!!! hahaha...had fun?

Devona said...

Looks like you had fun in Branson! Which one of the Branson hotels did you stay at?