Thursday, November 15, 2007

Going to Daddy's Bonfire in my Lil Guatemalan Sweater

So we had a pretty big SCARE with Miss Kya Blu this week...and spent the night in the ER when she had a 106 fever. She has a chest infection and is doing much better now. Tonight we went to Daddy's Work Training for his employees and got to have a bon fire and SMORES...Kya was so cute and had a blast. She got to play with her friend Ava and meet ZEKE...whom she loved at first site????
MOUTH FULL....she would do this so her hands would be empty so she could get another Marsh mellow...
The Stay Puff Marsh mellow Man...Oh wait that's Kya's Boyfriend of the night Zeke...Kya well she was all about him...Zeke you are AWESOME especially when you are handing over the MARSH MELLOWS.
Hey Daddy thanks for inviting us to your WORK PARTY...we had a BLAST
GOT to love the hood on this sweater
I got this Sweater for Kya in Guatemala...I love it! It reminds me of all the little kids you see there walking on the streets and when you look at see your own child looking back at you...adoption such an AWESOME way to build a family
Ava Flava
Daddy and the Doodle
The MURNAN CLAN minus ONE...Mommy showing her GUATEMALAN PRIDE with the BLUE and the Guatemalan Scarf
JT, Cara, and Ava...Ava and Kya are 10 days apart and just love each other
Told you...Miss Thang you missed out...CODE MESSAGE
Chillin with the GANG
Micheal playing with Kya and Ava

Getting ready to go out to the BON FIRE for SMORES
Just like TELLY Monster on Sesame Street...this girl loves her a good TRIANGLE and a POOL STICK
HOLA Maria and Pepe...yes I am back to spending time on top of Pool Tables...and Yes my mom keeps handing me this #13 ball???
Not so THRILLED!!!
My ARTIST with her IS EL...teaching Aunt LaLa how to draw
My Little Bagabon....going out to see the Christmas lights they put on our house...wearing her Eskimo Joes St Pattys Tshirt with her last year EJ Christmas Sweatshirt , her Ugg boots and the hat Carroll's Grannie made her....what a HOOT


Kelly said...

SO cute !!!!!

Carrie said...

I LOVE that sweater. Savannah would never wear the hood, but it is gorgeous. Why did I not see anything like that in Guatemala. And I am missing colokey shoes SO much and can't find them even on the Internet.

The ensemble she picked out is adorable. She will start a new fashion trend. I love when girls "dress up."

Looks like you had a good time and most importantly, Kya looks like she is recovered.

Lastly, it is so funny how you and Kya are bundled up and Shawn is wearing shorts. That would be us. Rich is always hot and I am wearing multiple layers.

Maria Izabel said...

Oh my Candy...can you immagine what I would be wearing in that weather...and Shawn...he's just fine with his shorts...he would be laughing at meee...jaja...that looks like sooo much fun!!! i'm so glad you're ALMOST here....and most of all that I get to see Kya this time...she's just a topmodel!!! need to know that this time we'll be speaking only in you, shawn and alicia should start practicing...i can not believe we'll get to spend thanksgiving together!!! I promise we'll have so much fun!!!

Anonymous said...

How come you miss this shindig Miss Thang?? I do believe you did miss out--fer sure! Ha!

Nana is soooo glad to see you all perked up Miss Kya Blu--lookin so adorable in your winter ensembles!
Besos to you and "Bernie"--see you soon.

Shannon said...

You are WEARIN' me OUT with the scarf!! I do not recall it being that cold in Oklahoma yet!! You are too FUNNY!! And Shawn in shorts and no socks!!

Kya looks so cute in her Guatemalan coat. I think Analise needs one to match!!!

Kerri said...

Glad Kya's on the mend. Love all the cute pics!
Kerri and Ruby

Our Family of 5 said...

Nothing better then seeing Kya Blu Smiles!

Sharon & Bill said...

Your husband sounds like a great guy to work for!

I am glad Kya is feeling better!!

We'll be at the Westin too, we look forward to meeting you!!


Farrah said...

I'm agreeing with Shannon, That was the first thing I noticed everyone else bundles and your hubby in shorts...
Ya'll are too cute