Thursday, May 31, 2007

A tribute to Kya Blu's First Friends...We love and miss you all!!!

Please come along with me and meet some of my first freinds...most all of them are guatemalan like me. My Mommy and me really had the best time last summer getting to meet all of you. I wish you all could come over for a playdate. Maybe we can talk our mom's and dad's into taking us all to DISNEY WORLD together sometime.
Please meet all my first friends...I met them this time last year. My Mommy and me love all of our friends and we think of you all often
Jana, Jenna, Candy and Kya Blu
Marriot Baby Room Friends
Kya Blu and Bella

Judy and Izabel
Arianna, Kya Blu and Riley
John and Aiden Micheal
Gabby, Jenna and Kya Blu

Cindy, Celeste, Matt, and Jacob
Kya and Elara
Cabby, Stephaine and Maya Grace from TX

Lunch with Lisa and her friends that were fostering in Antigua
Glenna, Lyn, and Mia
Kya's First Bday Party
Jared and Ayden Micheal

Kya, the famous ANIMAL, and Gia
Oliver and Kya Blu
Candy, Kya Blu, Velveth, and Sophia
Dr Montiel and Kya Blu

Maya Grace from Jersey and Kya Blu

Bonnie and Ally
The GANG...

Maria and Samuel-Candy and Kya Blu-Holly and Gia Gia Pizzaria- Julia and John Brian
Elle and Kya Blu
David and Joshua
Sean, Ellen, and Dylan


The McKenzie Crew said...

aaawwwwwww - so sweet - I love that post girl:):)


Anonymous said...

Wow, Candy.
What a trip down memory lane! I love that post.

Home sweet home said...

Awesome memories for you :)

Carrie said...

Disney is a definite! I am so sad we did not get to meet you in Guatemala. We will get our timing right soon and get our beauties together.

Piper said...

Wonderful pictures! What awesome memories you're going to be able to share with Ms. Kya Blu when she gets older. <3

If you do end up in the Woodlands near July 4th, I would LOVE to know. My mom may be visiting my family from out of town then (or, knowing my mom - who hasn't seen her latest grandbaby - she may come earlier here in June). Whether I'm entertaining family or not, I'd love to try to join you all for lunch!

My email is (without spaces of course) p i p e r @ i j e f f . net


Natalie said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures! It's so wonderful to see all of these beautiful Guatebabies being adopted by loving families.

Thanks for the "shout out" on your last post!