Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Branson MO meets the Famous Kya Blu

What a Wonderful Mother's day getaway we had. Kya got to play at a Indoor water park and Mommy and Nana got to SHOP! Thank you Daddy for making this a very special weekend.

Nana, Kya and Mommy all decked out for Mother's Day at the Branson Landing...YIPEEE SHOPPING
Hanging out with Dad
Just in case I SLIP I have the corner of the blanket
Do you want to see my favorite thing to do in Hotel rooms???
Hey dad you need a Kleenexx???
They just keep coming out...its so COOL!
She was so cute...she would take them out and either hand them to me or put them in the trash. My little Minnie Me...No Mess on the floor.

Hey Old Buddy Old Pall...You would have loved the indoor water park we went to Mrs Seahorse!
Hey Mommy can we go back and take my HOT PINK Seahorse next year?
My Mommy is all about ME!!!
Kya's new and only pet. The Weasel Ball...No Feeding, No House Breaking and no Shedding...WOW


Anonymous said...

Kya's Nana says: What a wonderful time we had together! Every moment with my family is so precious! Kya--Nana wakes up in the nite just waiting for your sweet little face touching mine and saying Hi!

Mommy you forgot to tell the part about Blu puppy takin a dip in the toilet--guess he was jealous of us going to the water park without him Ha!

cameo said...

OMG! Asa and Brooklyn did the SAME THING with the Kleenex dispenser!!! I LOVE her PJ's! They look like Shamrocks! I must track them down, Norm is Irish.

Kim said...

It looks like you guys had a great time. Kya just continues to get cuter everyday!!!

Shannon said...

How totally cute is she in those outfits!!!

Of course, you know she can't stand any messes on the floor!!

Rhonda said...

Hey that might be just the pet daddy will let US have. No maintenance, love it! She is so cute and walking good I see. Looks like she knows where to find tissue in case of a runny nose...good girl Kya Blu! I also see you have a nana that is quite crazy about you. Love that too!

Melissa said...

Kya is so cute! It looks like you had a wonderful weekend.

Carrie said...

What fun! We remove the tissue box, the toilet paper, and the garbage can immediately in a hotel and put them up high by the sink. Funny girls!

Love the green outfit. She looks beautiful in green with her LONG dark hair. That ALL ABOUT ME picture says it all.