Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Rockin Robin Tweet Tweet Tweet

Well so much for what my arm and hip thinks...Miss Kya only weighs 20.3 lbs! She is 29 inches tall. Her Dr. said by looking at her growth chart so far that she should be 5'2 or 5'3 when she grows up...woo hoo an inch taller than Mommy. The average height of a woman in Guatemala is 4'8 so she will pass that. She did great with her shots and her Mommy and Daddy did OK too..haha!!! Meet Kya Blu the Baby Rock Star and four little additions to our family TREE..hehe I crack myself up sometimes!!!

Ok this is the face Miss Kya makes when she pushes her ROCK STAR Zoe that sings Rock Songs...I think she could be in the KISS fan club already...ROCK ON PEOPLE!!!
Meet Hole in One, Avril, ELMO birdie, and Steven Tyler...the newest members of the our Clan...This wreath is on my front door I guess the mommy birdie liked it as much as I did. LOVE OUR BIRDS!!!
A very cute addition to my Summer Wreath...just need a little sign that says Home Sweet Home!
Hey Carly Daye which finger should I pick???
Way Cuter than an Ice Cream Cone...sometimes just as sweet!!!
Hey Mommy, I totally love my new chair...and you got a sweet deal only $10 at our neighborhood garage sale...to bad you missed out on the $200 kitchen for only $50...UGGG
Not a FAN of Shades..Hello I am Kya Blu not Jackie O


Anonymous said...

Kya's Nana says: Look out Hollywood here she comes!! A Diva in the making! besos and besos!

The McKenzie Crew said...

Kya - cute as ever baby girl;)

Kim said...

We got that same chair for my friend's little guy. Alex LOVES it. Love the birdies!! We have some on our front porch, also.

Kerry said...

Cute as ever! You have to post another "hair" pic. It looks like her hair is getting really long.

Cameron hates shades too. He looks so stinkin' cute with them on, but I can't keep them on him.

Maria Izabel said...

My baby blu as cute as ever!!! I'm happy YOU guys did well @ the doctor! how fun!...I just wish soo bad I could hugh her!
(Mmm...great deal at the garage sale, that is a cute chair)

Carrie said...

Savannah will not wear sunglasses or a hat. She did in Guatemala when we sat out by the pool, but now she is way too cool.

Savannah got the musical chair for her birthday and loves it, but won't sit in it. She does the knee thing like Miss Kya or uses it to climb onto the couch. She likes the light the best.

Love the pj's!

Anonymous said...

Hi Candy:) It's Jennifer from Toni& Guy. Kya is soooo adorable!
Stacy Corrigan(my client that is also adopting from Guatamala)should be contacting you soon. She is so excited to meet you. I gave her all your info. Well, I hope a wonderful friendship starts from this, you two are both sweet people and great moms(she soon will be).
See you soon.
Jennifer Proctor