Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Kya Loves The Woodlands Tx as much as we do!!!

First…Happy Birthday to Maria Izabel…Happy Birthday to YOU…Kya sends Besos straight to YOU!!!

We just got home from a WONDERFUL Gotcha Day Trip. We really had a BLAST! I am going to post a few pictures tonight…because there are a few of you out there who are having Kya Blu withdrawals…hehe. By the way these pictures are so out of order...I think I forgot how to post pictures its been so long. I am going to try to do a slide show tomorrow…I only took about 300 pictures. Everything was great…the resort, getting to stay with Aunt Cassie and the girls, meeting with all the other Guatemala adoption moms, seeing old friends and meeting new friends. Kya loved swimming and the park that is in The Woodlands Mall but most of all she loved getting to play with so many of her friends, cousins, and her sissy. We came home to find a nice surprise a Birthday Gift…from Savanna Banana and her mommy…Thank you so very much we love the outfit…and what a perfect color for Kya BLU!!!
here is a link to the resort we stay at…check out there pool…it’s the BOMB!!!

Shopping at the my Birthday Outfit Auntie Carroll gave me...I am as cute as a Lady Bug.

Silvia and Kya Blu...we had a great time getting to know Silvia and her mommy Brandy. The girls had so much fun together and were so cute. Silvia was calling Kya her sissy...and was so sweet to her.

Kya and her cousin Alicia playing at the mall park. Alicia would only play with Kya and made sure none of the Bigger Kids stepped on her.

Hey Daddy let me show you this AWESOME park at the Mall...can we get one of these at Home???

The Kya LOOK

Kya fell asleep on her Aunt Cassie after a day of swimming at the resort...Bunny in tow of course.
Kya meeting her Auntie Eileen for the first The Cheesecake Factory of course.
Aunt Cassie My mommy told me you were a are so FUNNY!!!
3 girls going...YACK YACK YACK...the real meaning of Put a PLUG in it...haha
The Grotto Get Together..Natalie and Caleb...Heidi and Mary Lynn...Candy and Kya Blu...Minnie and Gabby...This was one of the highlights of my trip. I met Natalie at the Marriott and she just brought Caleb home a few weeks ago. I watched Mary Lynn grow up on the forum I am on so it was so great to meet her and her mommy in person. Minnie is my good friend who interpreted for me with my foster family. Gabby and Kya are only 8 days apart in age. Girls I really loved getting to see and visit with all of you.

April 21st 2007... Hello World...One year ago my Mommy and Daddy got to hold me for the very first time...Boy Howdy I am getting so big. They took me on a very special date to a fancy restaurant for dinner.
I am a TEXAS Bathing Beauty
In the Resort Pool for the first time...Daddy this is SO fun
My Mommy has a hat like me...but she keeps her hat on...I throw mine off as fast as I can
Carly, Alicia and Miriah...Soaking up the Sun!!!


cameo said...

what cute pictures!!! Great, now you have me craving Cheesecake Factory!!!! Thanks a LOT!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize how much I look at and enjoy your blog until it was gone...hehe. :) Kya is so cute...I hate to admit, this is one of my forum blogs I'm addicted to. As if I don't have my hands full with three little ones of my own...hehe?!?!? Anyway, cute pics as always. I'm going to have to check out the resort...we're always looking for new vacation spots! :)
Kristy (keithandkristy from forum)-

Rhonda said...

FINALLY!!! Thought I was going to have to put out a missing persons report!
Looks like you guys had a good time. That place looks very nice. Of course, Kya is so beautiful and it's neat that you all got to meet up with fam and friends. I think I'm ready for another vacation after looking at your pics.

P.S. Ever since you posted the pillowcase dress your mom made, I've been dying to make one. I looked up intructions on the net yesterday and MADE FOUR in a few hours. I'm obsessed! My little niece, Ava Claire is so cute in them. THANKS Cyrina for the idea! LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Kya's Nana says: Only thing cuter would be KBAM sitting in a patch of Texas Blubonnets--I just thought they should be spelled like our BLUbonnet HA!
Miss Rhonda--I'm so glad you made the pillowcase dresses--they are quite fun and fast to do up.
Would love to see you and your family--maybe someday we can do that!
Thank you baby girl for getting some pics out so quickly--Nana was definitely having withdrawals--been close to tears missin u all. I'm all better now!!! xo

Lou said...

Kya is precious as always. That swim dress is too cute!! The resort looks fabulous. Glad you had a great time!

Maria Izabel said...

I love all the pictures, ohh my the cheese cake factory...all of Kya's outfits, she looks lovely as always, and you look beautiful, I soo much wish I was there with you all celebrating my birthday!!!
Hope to see you really soon!!!


Maria Izabel said...


The McKenzie Crew said...

I love it:) looks like you guys had a great time:) So thankful for special days like that:):)Kya looks like she has grown a bunch:)

Still waiting for Abby-Grace:)

Home sweet home said...

I have to admit I was getting worred about y'all -- you were MIA for a while !! :) But it looks like you had a blast !!

Carrie said...

We've missed you! Glad you liked the gift! The bows just said Kya all over it! Sorry it was delayed. Things happen much later than anticipated nowadays!!! Wow! What a fun trip! I want to go NOW! I need some R & R. Our friends just got back from Mexico and their flight got delayed and they had to stay over a night in Houston and they said they went to the BEST Children's Museum. We only spent a day in Houston once and we went to Johnson's Space Center. We have to get back. We may be going to Dallas in August for my hubby's work. We have only been to the airport there for layovers, so I would like to see Dallas too.