Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Labutti Annual Easter Egg Hunt...FUN FUN FUN

Please Check out the LINK above...We were SO BLESSED to be able to be at the Airport to WELCOME Cheri and Eliana home. It was such an Awesome experience. Please go over and check out the pictures and GIVE them a WELCOME HOME SHOUT OUT!
WE LOVE EASTER EGG HUNTS! Thanks Robin for all the work you put into your parties they always ROCK!
Me KY KY, The Bunny Lovin Almost Famous Dimple Queen
She just HAD to havet this Bunny Easter BASKET at the store the other night
She has grown up so much since Last year...She had no clue what was goin gon last year and this year...Well she Jumped right in picking up EGGS
I wish you could see the EGGS better in this...I have never seen so many Easter Eggs in my WHOLE LIFE...and the Kids really had a BLAST!
The Lovely Sophia
Henry got a DUCK full of EGGS
Val and Handsome Henry...he is always so STYLIN
Getting a little help from Doug and Henry
Kya was not afraid of the BUNNY like she is of SANTA...why??? BECAUSE he is a NEE NEE as she calls them and she was introducing her self NEE NEE, ME KY KY in this picture

Kya still has her EYE on the BUNNY
Easter Bunny, Nana, and BUNNY LOVER Kya
Nana and Kya Blu

Nana, Me Ky Ky and Daddy
Another Brown Eyes Beauty Miss Mira....I really hope we get to hang out with her and her Mommy more. AND CONGRATS Miss Mira...You are going to be a GREAT BIG SISTER!
Oh have NO CLUE how much Candy Miss Sophia ate during the party...she is so sweet and Cute everyone was opening the candy and her eggs for her.
The Lovely Sophia and The Almost Famous Kya Blu...Let see..."HELPING" haha with the baby! Sophia is trying to pick him up while Kya feeds him SPRITE....HA
WHO DID THIS???? Could it have been a Guate Tot?


Katie said...

That looks like fun !! Love Kyas dress and dimples !!

Katie said...
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Becca said...

Those pictures are adorable. And I am happy to hear that Kya was not afraid of the easter bunny - he looks pretty scary to me!

Peace and Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Kya & Jagger's NaNa says:Oh What Fun We had Saturday!! It was a picture perfect day. Beautiful children,Sunshine,The Easter Bunny himself, Awesome food, and wonderful friendly mommies & daddies everywhere. I am so blessed to be a part of it all. Robin--your home is Gorgeous! and your party Rocked!! Thank you for letting me be included.

Valerie said...

Hey, thanks for including us in the pics! And you're right, I do have a blog. Oops! Totally forgot I had one, so I will try and start posting more often...:)

Valerie (and Henry)

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

FUN!!!! FUN!!!! FUN!!!!! I wish I could have been there.

Tracey said...

So cute. That is a really cute dress!! Shopping for little girls must be so fun:)

Kalar said...

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Raising a Vols Fan!! said...

Oh how cute Kya is, Gabby has that same dress. I love it! Have a Great Easter this weekend!