Saturday, March 15, 2008


I really do have a TON of pictures to post of today. Kya had 22 wonderful friends to celebrate with today and so many of them were also born in Guatemala. Aunt LaLa and Aunt Cassie were a huge help to me. Aunt Cassie took a Great Video and I hope to get it up sometime this week. Thank You all who came today so much! Here are just a few pictures before I pack my lap top to head to Guatemala to see a MOOSEY BOY! I will be posting pictures on his web site while we are on this trip.

A Stick Pony just like MAX has straight from none other than the NANA!!!NEIGH NEIGH!

How our morning started. Aunt Cassie and Uncle Troy showed the LOVE for Me Ky Ky by driving up all the way from TEXAS. Cassie is the only one on the couch with out a March Bday. Alicia turned 7 on March 9th, Kya 2 on March 10th and Uncle Troy 33 and Carly Daye 5 today March 15th...HAPPY BDAY FAMILY!!!

Uncle Jay and Aunt Michelle sent Kya Blu a special Birthday gift and she is in LOVE now

OH CARE BEAR...I think Kya will name you ZEKEY POO after her older LOVE Zeke...hehe The way she is hugging the Care Bear is how she hugs on Zeke

We also got a SUPRISE gift from a precious little boy I got to visit in Guatemala in JAN. Robbie and his mommy sent Kya this Bracelet they had made for her that say BIG SISTER...Perfect for her Reunion with BABY BUBBY on Monday. THANKS SO MUCH TAMMY AND ROBBIE! We are still Praying you home ROBBIE


Tracey said...

I am glad Kya had such a great party! That bracelet is so cute, what a great idea:) Have a great time in Guat. Tell Aida and Gaby hi for us!

Dumuro said...

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