Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kya's Birth DAY events!

Kya had a GREAT 2nd Birthday and her Party is coming up this SATURDAY. We are so excited that so many are coming to share this special day with us. There will be quite a few Guate Tots there. We want to say THANK YOU to Minnie...who gave Kya her first Bday present...two CUTE dresses with matching hair bows she made...and they ROCK! Thank you Carrie and Savannah Banana for the LITTLE BIT BOOK, ELMO CARD, and shirt...It was the Perfect present for Kya, and we MISS you both. Thank you Auntie Carroll for the Jewels and Cash. Thanks Aunt Janet for the Card and Cash. Thank you Pop Pop and Granna for my Card and Bear.
Having a Birthday Lunch with Granna C, Pop Pop, Mommy, and De De @ Cheesecake Factory.
Sweet De De holding Kya's CUTE Bear from Granna C and Pop Pop
Thank YOU Granna and Pop Pop for coming to spend some time with me on my BIG DAY!
We then went to the MALL Park
Oh HAPPY Bday Girl
OK now this girl LOVES to shop...yes I know where she gets that from. I was buying her SHOES when she saw these Cookie Monster outfits...and she just had to have them...she actually wanted two...so we got one for her and one for Bubby...one for each of her HANDS. She played with them in the PARK...it was a HOOT!
Opening my Birthday Presents from Auntie Carroll...WOO HOO CASH!
OH De De loves his GIRLS and now a little BOY too
Showing off her Necklace from Auntie Carroll
Giving Nana her KLENEXX present Mommy got her in Texas...in her Necklace and Earrings
THIS little Girl and her Brother are MOMMY's WORLD

Kya still LOVES to cook and is getting the hang of the POURING...the Eggs well thats another story
Kya really acts SO happy to get money...She acts like she really knows what it is. THANKS Aunt Janet for the Birthday Card and Cash!
OH AUNT Janet and UNCLE Mike...FOR ME!!!
WOW...I know just what I want to buy with this!
First time to BLOW out the Candle

Kya Blu Blowing out the Candle on her Birthday brownies for the 5th time...she must have had a lot of WISHES to get in


Kerri said...

Looks like you guys had loads of fun!
Kerri and Ruby

Valerie said...

I just realized we won't be able to make it to Kya's party. We have to go to my nephew's 1st birthday party, which is the same time in OKC. Hope you gals have fun -- wish we could be there, but thanks for the invite!

Valerie and Henry

Liz said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday Kya!!

Anonymous said...

Kya & Jagger's NaNa says: Oh Dear--NaNa wishes I had some of your little chocolate kisses Miss Brownie lips--Ha! NaNa can hardly wait to see you blow out the candles this Saturday at your big party--you are getting to be such a big girl. Time passes too quickly--I am so blessed to a part of your life!!! See you soon Angel Girl.

Cassie said...

yummy! save some brownies for your aunt cassie!

Kelli said...

Feliz Cumpleanos Kya!!!! Numeral Dos e mui bueno!!!! It is hard to believe that our babies are getting so big. Kaleb will be 3 in August and it blows my mind. She is such a cutie. I love all her facial expressions and you dress her too cute!!!!