Thursday, March 27, 2008


Kya has been TAGGED by the A and B twins . we will be CHILLIN WITH NEXT WEEK the directions are to post 10 random bits of information about themselves and then tag 10 more people

1. Kya is a total BUNNY Lover...she has Bunny known as NENE that has with her all the time, Her Favoirite show is Max and Ruby...and now Bunny Town and SHE loved the Easter Bunny but not so much SANTA...I guess Santa should have worn Bunny Ears.

2. Kya calls Me, MUM...her Dad, DeDe...Aunt Alicia, Aunt Lala... My Mom, Nana...My Dad, Pop Pop...My Step Mom, Granna...My Grandma, Grandma...and Jagger is either baby bubby, Jagggger, or SON now! I say I love you SON...and them she repeats

3. Kya is VERY SOCIAL...she loves kids and grown ups. She goes up to kids everywhere even in Wal Mart and Hugs them and says Hi!

4. Kya loves to Swim and take baths...mostly just to POUR water from one cup to another OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

5. Kya LOVES SHOES she brings me a new pair of shoes every hour or two so she can change. Her fav's this week are her CROCS and her new RED COWGRIL BOOTS

6. Everyday Kya reads EVERY BOOK she has...she goes in her room and gets them out one by one and looks at them...YES leaving a HUGE mess for Mommy to pickup...but how can I be upset its BOOKS???

7. Kya is a SOUP eater...her FAV reastraunt right now is Panara Bread where she has a few soups to pick from. She has been sick the last few days but still put away a whole bowl of Baked Potato soup from Panara with a SIPPY of SWEET TEA.

8. Nana got Kya a ELMO BUBBLE BLOWER for we have BUBBLES floating around our house everyday now. AND she can BLOW bubbles now...which she thinks is REALLY COOL.

9. Kya is repeating everything I say. I always say Honey, Baby, and Sweetee to guess who else calls people this. When we left the DR's office yesterday I said Thanks Sweetee to the DR....Kya turned around batted her eyes and said TANKS was so FUNNY!

10. A C T I V E...the word that sums up Kya...she is busy, busy, busy and needs to stay busy.



Sarah said...

Yes, she is an active and outgoing little girl... where do you think she gets the outgoing from???

I may participate in this tag... we'll see...

ClarkFamily said...

That is a gorgeous photo!

Jenelle said...

Such a pretty picture! You have a beautiful girl.

Ruthie said...


This picture of Kya is absolutely breathtaking. Why she could be a model! With her beauty and upbeat personality, she would be fierce! :)

God Bless her! said...

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Tricia said...

Candy, PLEASE tell me where you had the AMAZING portraits taken!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mom2noah said...

I LOVE these, pictures! They are BEAUTIFUL! it just me? They don't look a THING like Kya! :) They are absolutely SPECTACULAR!

Mom2noah said...
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