Friday, March 07, 2008

Back to Life Back to Reality

REALITY CHECK...I am fixin to be a Stay at Home Mom to a TWO year old Artist and a baby BOY. First this TWO year old is Kicking my REAR END...haha and A BOY well I never knew God would make me a Momma to a BOY and I have NO CLUE what to do with a BOY...except LOVE HIM...NOW Kya on the other hand knows what to do with a BABY see the Picture above...well that is the STAND IN BABY BROTHER until Jaggy Poo gets home and this is how I found him today. Now for what KYA did while Mommy was trying to play games with Aunt Cassie and Neen.

OH NO OH NO...UMMM...Lets see...Mommy said only to write on PAPER...ummmm lets se what can I do to get out of this

OK I will throw my ARMS IN THE AIR AND SAY TA DA...Mommy always loves that...OH SHOOT...Now she has noticed I kind of Colored with MARKERS on my WHITE Shirt too...lets see here...Maybe I will try
No that didn't work how about LOOK MOM at my PRETTY PICTURE...RIGHT HAND
Oh now take a look at the Left Hand...for sure I am going to be Picasso!!! Bring on the PAINTS ALREADY!


Laurie said...

My first two are girls, and I thought the boy thing would be way different, but it's not! In fact, poopy diaper changes are much easier (as long as you don't get peed on). You'll love it and be wiped out, too. It's so much fun and very exciting to have a house full of kids.

kya's granna c said...

Kya, you are just too stinkin cute! Your Granna C misses you. Tell Mommy that you need to paint a picture for me! I love you!!!

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

Kya is SO CUTE!!!!!! I left you a quick comment at Little Bit's blog. Praying for y'all.


Cheri and Jesse said...

We adopted our two boys at the same time and brought our daughter home last year. Not much of a difference. Every one has their own personality, but I have to say that my daughter is definitely much more headstrong than either of the boys. You'll do GREAT!!


Kelli said...

Love it!!!! Kaleb has not played with markers yet. He has done art work on the wall, tables, floor, and furniture!!!! You will love having a little boy. We find out tomorrow the gender of our baby and I feel like it is a girl and the thought of what will I do with a girl goes through my mind. SOrry such a long sentence, but my mind has no commas when I am thinking. I am so happy for you. You are going to have so much fun. Yes it will be twice the work but soo very rewarding when the day is done!!!!