Monday, November 20, 2006

You Have to LOVE SHOGUN!!!

We arrived home on Wednesday and by Thursday we were already eating at SHOGUN!!! Kya loved it...which is a good thing since we eat there about twice a week. She loved eating the CHOP STICKS.

Why did this dude set his table on FIRE?

Three Hot Chick a Dee's

Yes Pa Pa I am so advanced I already know how to use Chop Sticks.....or that's the way you can tell it at the Buffalo Club....if you want.

Kya and Daddy...Fuzzy Wuzzy

Ki Ki and Aunt La La

Alica Marie and Kya Blu


The McKenzie Crew said...

YOu guys look so happy - good to see some pics of you guys at home and happy:):):)

Dominick's Mommy said...

Thanks for FINALLY sharing some pics of the ADORABLE Kya Blu. Keep them coming Girl!


Anonymous said...

Hey Candy!

Sorry, didn't have your email...
Don't know if Kya is still a big fan of Backyardigans but I just noticed the new Avon catalog has 27" plush Pablo or Uniqua dolls. Thought she might like those!

home with Elianna since 9/8

Anonymous said...

It's about time!!!!! She is as cute as ever! Keep them pictures comin'!!!!!! Minnie