Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Home Sweet Home

OK OK OK I know I am in a lot of trouble with all of you for taking so long to post home pictures so here are a few. I don't have the Airport pictures yet because they are on everyone else's cameras. It was so wonderful...And Kya was a doll baby. There were about 30 family and friends at the airport with signs and balloons. Kya let everyone there hold her and play with her and never cried once. I was the one doing all the crying...OH MY GOSH am I glad to be home...It was so wonderful hugging my grandparents. We then went to our house so everyone could play with Kya some more. That is where these pictures were taken. Kya has had no problem adjusting at all and is still a Great Happy Baby. We have had so much company and mommy is worn out, but Kya loves it! Thank you so much for following us on the journey to bring Kya home. I will still be posting pictures here on the blog. I hope by next week to be back to posting everyday....but I still have 7 suitcases to unpack so we will see...haha

I would like you to meet my cousin CALEB....I love him so much I could not quit kissing him!
This is Miriah my big sissy...I already think she is the GREATEST THING EVER!!!...My Mommy already made a trip to Target and bought us mathing PJ's...
I AM QUEEN OF THE WORLD...this was taken going through customs in Houston...I thought you all would love to see that YES I DID GET ALL MY STUFF HOME.
This is my cousin Jakob....He had a picture of me on his shirt. I went in to Kiss him but I just love him so much I decided to bite him instead...I got my bluff in on him early...his nick name is the Terminator and now he is scared of little ole me hahahahaah
Her is Kya with both of her Great Grandma's...GG and Grandma Paige


Rhonda Perry said...

I know you are probably run ragged with being so busy, but thanks for posting some pics. I've checked a hundred times a day. Kya looks like she's been there all along. Glad that you two are home and doing good. Love you guys!

Dominick's Mommy said...

Yes, we've all been checking a million times for the awesome update. I cannot imagine how you must feel to be home after being in another country for SO LONG! It must be the most awesome feeling ever. I am so, so happy ya'll are finally home!!!

ginger said...

Thanks for the homecoming update. I have been checking everyday. I know you must be soooo happy to finally be at home. It sure looks like you will have plenty of baby sitters. Can't wait to see the airport pics. Kya is such a doll.

Shana said...

Welcome home, Candy & Kya! Your homecoming photos are priceless! I am so sad we will not be meeting you in Antigua (we're going down in 2 weeks), but I am SO glad you are home! I will give Maria Izabel hugs from you!

Shana :)
waiting for Isabella & Oliver

The McKenzie Crew said...

So glad to see pis of you home where you belong girlfriend!


Lisa said...

I was worried about you since I didn't see that you made it home. Especially with Lil' miss Kya being sick. is she feeling better? WELCOME HOME!

Lisa and Chase

Nichole said...

Everything looks like is went great. Welcome home and congrats again. OH and they have a robe that matches those PJ's Mia has it...lol