Tuesday, November 21, 2006

On the Border...YES we eat out ALOT!!!

We did a lot of eating out our first few weeks back....I actually had a list of all the places I wanted to eat when I got home....I am kind of NUTTY like that. This was a great lunch before a day of shopping. Daddy was way out numbered though. 1 boy and 6 of us girls.
My Mommy has went a little OVERBOARD with the Christmas PJ'S....but I am sure that's no surprise!
My Aunt La La bought me this Giraffe at the store today.
Miriah teaching Kya Blu to Color
Alicia, Cassie and Candy....Charlies Angels...Be right there Bosley we are eating right now...hehe
Miriah, Kya Blu and Nana...who is my Mom
My Two Artists

Just in case you did not see how cute I was the first time


Dominick's Mommy said...

Love the PJ's and so happy to see Kya's sweet face again.


Anonymous said...

She's the cutest little candy cane ever!

ginger said...

I love the PJ's. She looks so cute in them.

Anonymous said...

So happy you have made your way back to the computer!! I am not sure how you stayed so current before! It's hard!! :>)But I have missed seeing that precious little face!
Maya says "hi"!!
Love~ steph & maya

Anonymous said...

That's more like it, keep em coming. Kya is sooo cute, how is her breathing now that she is home???