Thursday, November 30, 2006

Finally All Dressed UP...

This Post is for Maria Izabel....The whole time I was in Guatemala I wore sweats...I told her when I got home and dressed up I would send her a picture. Shawn had a dinner meeting and took us along. Kya was SO GOOD and the dinner did not even start till 8:30pm.

All Dressed UP...for Dinner with Daddy
Woman in RED
Mommy and Me
Ok Maria Izabel...I have on JEANS and Black Boots....I told you I would post picture of me in REAL CLOTHES haha
Miriah, Kya and Candy


Anonymous said... really made me laugh! you always looked pretty to me anuways... I hope you guys had a lot of fun in this dinner...Of course I'm not surprised at all by the fact that Kya was great!!! as she always is...I'm so happy to see you as a family, living all together, and believe me, everytime I take a look at the blog I remember what it was like hanging out with you and Kya, and at times is confusing, I mean time goes by so fast! I remember us going to the mall and thinking how you would decorate the apartment if you had to stay for christmas (it's so funny)...anyways I'm just happy by the fact that no matter how far we are we both know we have a real friend!
LOVE YA BOTH, you both look GREAT, so pretty!!!
MAria Izabel

Dominick's Mommy said...

Kya's face is even prettier without that ole pacifier hiding that beautiful smile. Too sweet!!!

The McKenzie Crew said...

Lookin Good girl!