Sunday, November 26, 2006


The whole time we were in Guatemala...I was dreaming of the day when my Grandma could spend the day with us getting to know Kya Blu. Well Thank Goodness that day came and it was even better than I had dreamed. Grandma and Kya love each other so much and it is so cute. Grandma rearranged her whole back bed room just for me and Kya to have a place to stay. She also made Kya a bunch of beautiful blankets and made me fried okra and fresh side for breakfast...yes was lick um goodie my grandpa Paige would have said.

Grandma can't believe she finally has Miss Kya in her arms.

Kya looks a lot like my Grandma's baby pictures...which made Grandma very proud!

I love coming to your house Grandma!
Grandma Holds Kya Blu for the first time at the Airport.
What the heck? Grandma has a singing fish hanging on her wall.
I want to get my hands on this thing.
Grandma loves my toys as much as I do...especially my Elmo Extreme


The McKenzie Crew said...

Gorgeous Kya Blu!!
I love the Grandma Pics -
Makes me miss my Me Maw. She would have sooo loved John-Bryan! She would have rocked him 10,000 miles!!
I have her rocker and I rock him to sleep three times a day in it:)


Rhonda Perry said...

Cutie little Kya and Grandma...I don't think your grandma is aging Candy. If my nana got on the floor we'd have to pick her up. Ha! Looks like they sure love each other.