Saturday, April 01, 2006

K-BAM We Are Parents To An Angel!!!

God Knew and His Timing Was Perfect
I knew from the very second I laid eyes on this baby girl...that she was MINE! I never in my life had my heart leap with JOY like it did when I saw Kya Blu Angelica's picture. I was down in TX visiting Cassie and Troy. We were finished with our adoption paperwork and I was waiting on the USCIS to approve us. I had it down to about three agencies all of which would allow me to go live in Guatemala and foster Kya Blu myself. I thought that until I signed with an agency I would not get a referral so I decided to take a little rest from adoption paperwork and visit Cassie. I had been at Cassie's two days when the phone rang and it was my good friend Jana. Her agency, Across The World, which was one of the agencies I was leaning towards had just posted a picture of a baby girl on a waiting child list. They usual did not have waiting children but at this time they had no families that were paper ready and could take her referral. That is almost unheard of in Guatemalan adoptions, there are usually wait lists for adoptive families wanting baby girls. I immediately got on the computer and clicked over to her picture....and there she was My ANGEL...ANGELICA (I knew in my heart that this was God's way of telling me that my Grandpa was watching over me and they had sent me my baby girl) There she was all wrapped up in BLU clothes too. Every bone in my body ached to hold my Kya Blu Angelica Murnan at that very second. With in minutes I got a hold of Shawn informed him I was coming home ASAP because our baby had been born and I had signed with the agency and they had agreed that we were the family for Angelica. That night I ordered pictures of Kya Blu Angelica from Wall Greens. Our Dear friend Adam even changed the color of her outfit to PINK for me so I could see her in PINK as well as BLU! I drove back home to OK the next day with pictures of Kya taped all over my dash. I will never doubt that God knew from the minute Kya Blu was conceived that she would be our daughter. I love the fact that he gave me so many physical and spiritual signs that this precious baby was destined to be our daughter. I also believe that God was with Josefa during the months she carried Angelica in her belly and he gave her peace that she was doing what was best for Angelica because she loved Angelica so much. I love the fact that she named our baby Angelica...because it shows just how deep her love for Angelica is and always will be. It is also amazing how quickly you can love the your babies Birth Mother with every thing in you. Thank you God for making us ONE BIG FAMILY! I pray that someday we will all get to see the beautiful and gifted young lady that Kya will turn out to be and all realize that YOUR plan has come to pass.

Introducing Our Angel







We are parents!

Kya Blu Angleica Murnan at 11 days old

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