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Guatemala Visit Trip April 21-25

April 26
Guatemala Visit Trip April 21-25

We just spent the 5 most wonderful days of our lives holding an Angel. It really felt as if time stood still the minute they placed Kya Blu Angelica Murnan in our arms. I could feel God and his Angels smiling down on us. From the minute we laid eyes on her precious face she held our hearts in her tiny little hands. It was an incredible and emotional experience holding our little girl for the first time. When they placed Kya Blu Angelica in my arms she looked up at me with the expression of "HEY MOMMY, Where have you been? I have been looking for you." She is so precious and her Foster Mother Patricia (Hilda) is wonderful. She truly loves Kya and cares for her very tenderly. Jana and Rod (friends from OKC who are adopting) were there visiting Jenna and were able to video it for us. We spent most of the day taking turns holding Kya while we got our room organized. Our plane was over an hour late which put us pressed for time to pick up Kya. We stayed at the Marriott and it was very nice. They have made a baby lounge on our floor where there are couches, microwave, bottle cleaner, toys, changing table, free Internet access, and a ton of other parents visiting their babies too. We made so many new friends there who are also adopting.

Kya is Daddy’s Little Angel and loves to sleep on his chest and she just watches him. Kya is also mommy’s cuddle bug. She always wanted me when I walked out of the room and followed my voice. She is very alert and has such a cute personality already for the age of 6weeks. She is a very happy and content baby. She does love to be held which by the way was no problem at all. I don’t think we ever put her down. We did not want to waste a minute of our time with her. We gave her so many kisses and would stay up most of the night just to look at her beautiful face. She loved it when we ate at the restaurant in our hotel that played music. She would get all bright eyed and kick her legs (Our Tiny Dancer).

We were able to take Kya’s foster family, our adoption Facilitator Myra (pronounced Myta) and her family as well as the Interpreter and her family to dinner on Sunday night at Pollo Comprero. There were 16 of us total. We had so much fun getting to know them and now consider them our Guatemalan family. They are all such beautiful people. We are so blessed that they got to spend that time with us. I loved getting to know their children and see how they interact with Kya. Patricia’s 13 year old daughter held Kya most of the time. She told me she was making up for lost time…I thought that was awesome because Kya had only been with us for 2 days at that time. It showed me that she really missed her. I also figured out that Patricia and I have the same personality and we are both very motherly. She made me feel very comfortable and I felt like I had known her forever. When I cried she cried and when I needed a hug she was there to give me one. Even though we could not speak the same language we could communicate through emotions and body language. It was such a moving experience. I think it is wonderful that Kya gets to be in their family while we wait to have her in ours. I am so glad God is in control of our lives and that he gave us the perfect baby for our family and the perfect foster family for Kya. There is no way I could have came home from this trip if I did not know how much Patricia’s family loves Kya. We were able to have her the whole time we were there. Mayra and Patricia came to pick her up Tuesday Morning at 5:30am because we had to leave for the airport at 6am. I thought that was so sweet of them to do that for us so we could have that last night with Kya. We are missing her so much already…It was so hard to sleep with out her last night. When I woke up this morning and reached over to check on her and then realized I was not in Guatemala anymore. I would not give up those 5 days for anything. I loved getting to see her while she was still so tiny. Every night we will send our hugs, kisses and prayers down to Guatemala.

WOW...Baby Blu is finally placed in Mommy's arms
Daddy's Girl Already

Jenna and Kya already Best Friends
Mommy and her Ky Ky Blu

Hey MR. TURTLE....You want a piece of me????

Happy Family Of Three

Kya and Mommy....Hand in Hand

Wearing My First Dress

My TINY Lady Bug
DeDe and His Dora

My Little BEE
Makeing Kya's Bottle with Patilda...Patricia or Hilda????
Mayra Escobar Garcia
Pollo Compraro Dinner with the Foster Family and Adoption Team

Kya Hilda was your Foster Mom...she took care of you until Mommy could be with you forever

Christain and his Sister....Marium our translators children
Marlene and Kya Blu....Marlene was 13 when you lived in their home and she loved you so much!
Hannah....My translator was adopting this precious baby girl

Mayra, Patlida, Mommy, Kya, and Miriam
All eyes on Kya Blu

Sweet Baby Toes
Holding hands with DeDe

I love to look into your BIG BROWN eyes

Five perfect fingers
Look at my Princess with her ears pierced
Besos Sweet Lips

First Swim Suit

Our last night with Kya Blu

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