Saturday, April 08, 2006

Feels Like Today My Life is Changing!

Ho Hum Just Dreaming of My Mommy and Daddy coming soon to hold me!
Oh Precious Angel...I can't wait to hold you in my ARMS!
Yup I am 22 days old today!
We think of you every second of every day sweet princessa!

March 22 2006....The Day Our Lives Changed Forever!

We saw the most beautiful baby girl today...her name is Angelica....But we knew in our hearts that her name would soon be Kya Blu Angelica Murnan.

March 23 2006.... God Blessed us with our Bundle of Joy! We knew from the minute We laid eyes on her precious face that she was to be our baby....Thankfully our Adoption Agency Across the World Adoptions thought so too. They let us accept her referral even though we were still waiting on the USCIS approval. Our Adoption Facilitator is Mayra Escobar.

March 28 2006....I got to share the wonderful news with our families today. Everyone cried tears of joy...We are so thankful to God for this Blessing...I have prayed for THIS CHILD and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him Samuel 1:27 ( I would like to send a special HUG to my Grandpa Teel because I know that on this day My Nana Pauline was smiling down from Heaven on both of us.)

March 30 2006....One step closer to holding Our Guatemalan Princess. Spent the weekend in OKC with my friend Jana who is also Adopting a Guatemalan Princess. I was able to get Kya's Dossier certified by the Secretary of State and then off the Houston to the Guatemala Consulate.....I also got to do my favorite thing...SHOP FOR KYA! I bought her first Easter Dress. I also was able to talk with Kya's foster family in Guatemala for the first time. It was so moving...I could not quit crying. Her foster mother is a Wonderful Lady. She said she was so glad God blessed us with this baby. She said that Kya or Nina' as she called her (which means precious first born daughter) was doing great. She was so happy that we called her. She also said she sends her blessings to our family.

April 5 2006...Kya's dossier is sent to Guatemala so it can be translated. We now have our Passports and are just waiting on a letter from INS so we can get fingerprinted..again..We have to have that done to get our approval here in the US. Please keep us in your prayers that we get that done quickly so we can have our baby home as soon as possible.

April 7 2006...We got to hear Kya's voice for the first time over the phone. YES we were crying our eyes out! It was Awesome and we will never forget it. It was a "TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY MOMENT!" We have the greatest Foster Mom and our Friend Minnie who translated for us. We have been so blessed with all the love, friendship, and support we have received from our friends and family. We shared more about us with the Foster Mom and learned more about her. We are the first Adoptive Family to Call her and she really enjoys our calls. We also sent Kya a package this week with her Easter Dress in it. We are praying it gets to her by Easter.

Great News we are going to Hold our Little Angel for the First Time on April 21st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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