Monday, January 07, 2008


One girl and One Boy...see Daddy Kya even knows how fun twins would be. Lots of things going on here so make sure you read the information after the pictures. OK my daughter is a total RIOT. For one thing she is not so much into talking but can sing any song. So now when she sings she gets on a "stage" gets her beads and bracelets on and then sings her favorite song....its all about MEEEEEEEEE. She had me rolling in the floor tonight. She thinks its so funny to stuff her stuffed animals up her I stuck one in the back and she was laughing and running like crazy. Oh yes she does not walk...she runs and its ever where. If she is going to her room...she runs if she is going to bed she runs. She is too smart for MY good too. She has figured out...even though we are not potty training yet that if she comes up to someone and says pee pee and grabs her diaper they will get up...when we head to the bathroom she grabs your hand takes you where she wants you to PLAY and gives you a big ole I GOTCHA smile. I totally LOVE being a MOM....everyday I laugh and learn all because of this sweet DIVA

I think its a GIRL

NO DAD...I promise I will say no to HUGH....even if he says I can feed the Mommy on the other hand...well you better watch her...hehe

Kya with her Internationally adopted baby TOSHA

RUN RUN AS FAST AS SHE CAN I know why he is a little NUTTY on the show...he was carried from behind...he looks like he is saying HELP GET ME OUT OF HERE
Watch out MELMO you will be next...One day its the baby carriage the next its in my shirt???
Please check out my friends BLOG...You all always want to know where to get hair here you go...and its for a GREAT REASON....
This is an email from a friend of mine. This is the Hogar that Angel went to recently. I am a mess about the children left for sure that is near and dear to my heart....but they all need help right now and this is a way to help out. Here is the emial I recieved.
I put on my website a new page to Adopt-A-Child (monthly child care support) and if you could share this with your friends we can keep caring for the children now caught in the new system. The children waiting for their visas, will be leaving soon and we will have room for more new children. At the moment we have 61 children and only 11 are stuck. We pray the other will leave without too much delay.


Kerri said...

Too cute!
Kerri and Ruby

Carrie said...

Yes, your daughter is a riot! I have one here too--a giggler, a runner, and way too smart for our own good! I think that is why they are so active. Their minds never stop churning and they want to take it all in and and not miss a thing.

I know what you mean. My heart is breaking for the children and what is going on in Guatemala. I think and pray for you every day.

Abby's mom - Pam :) said...

I have a runner too. But the bad thing about Abby running everywhere is that she is soooo clumsy. She falls alot!! After she falls she will just look at us and laugh so hard. She thinks it is so funny to fall. Kya is so adorable. I think her and Abby would really hit if off. They are so much alike.

I read about what is going on in Guatemala everyday to try and keep up with what is going on there. My heart breaks for all those innocent children who are suffering from all this mess. I pray for God to comfort those children and the parents who are dealing with waiting and not knowing when they will bring their babies home.

Anonymous said...

Kya's Nana says: Oh Kya--you funny bunny!! I am surprised bunny is not under your shirt instead of the Backyardigans--What's the deal?? Bunny's stuffing is so worn out he probably wouldn't stay put anyway--now maybe all 6 bunnies might! ha! can't wait to see you and hear your new songs-a b c d. . . BESOS!

Mike & Michelle said...

Candy, those pictures are priceless, someday you can use them against her....

Hope you are doing okay and hanging in there! God choose us for this special journey he has a plan! Hopefully after the new president steps in we will get some answers...

I think I will have all our documents ready for the consulate by the end of the week so we should be set to have everything sent down by the 21st, thanks for your help.

Take care,


Katie said...

What a cute CLOWN she is !! :)

Robyn said...

These pics are hilarious!! Kya is too cute!!


Becca said...

I'm sick over the current situation - I pray things get better quickly.

You're way too young to become a grandma - even if it is to Backyardigans!!!

Momma to Ella