Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Best NEWS of 2008 so far?????

A shout OUT worthy of all SHOUT OUTS....ELIANA and CHERI have been set FREE!!!! Eliana is OUT of PGN!!! CONGRATS we can't wait to have you here in T-Town!

MISS OUT OF PGN 2008!!!!!!

Kya saying NO WAY MOM...Are you for REAL...ELIANA IS REALLY OUT
Eliana HURRY home...we have so much Shopping and Playing to do
I will teach you how to HIDE...hehe...Just like this and then jump out
And Holler BOO...well I say BOW...but it means BOO


Anonymous said...

Kya's Nana says: Boo Miss Scaredy! So glad to hear the news on your friend. I see lots of playdates in your future. Besos!

Katie said...

That is the BEST news ever !!!!!!

Alleen said...

She is ADORABLE in those pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And can I please have your kitchen? Pretty please?

Becca said...

Congrats on the good news!

Momma to Ella