Thursday, January 03, 2008

BFF Together at LAST!

Princess DIVA Kya meets Princess COWGIRL Analise for the first time. Shannon and Analise we had so much fun and if you would just MOVE you booty to our neck of the woods....we could have BFF playdates everyday!!!!
Kya's Mommy with Analise and Analise's Mommy with Kya Blu...get ready T Town this POSSE is a RIOT!!!
Kya is it finally YOU...Oh my gosh Finally a Guatemalan here in OK did you bring the beans and plantains????Kya and Analise in there matching JOES SHIRTS
Analise was so AMAZED by Kya and she would get so excited if Kya had a spoon Analise wanted a spoon...until Kya would take it from her and say MINE...MINE Kya learned thanks to LAZY TOWN
Chillin at the mall in my Shades UPsidedown
Ok this Princess Cowgirl is STUNNING...I mean totally beautiful

WOW Kya what are those things made of Valentines Hearts???
Oh don't be silly Analise those are sunglasses for Princess's and I will show you how to wear them
See put them on and say CHEEEEESSSSEEEE...and your mommy will take lots of pictures
YOU see what I mean...we better keep these on to protect our eyes from the FLASH
Oh I got this down pat already...Miss Kya will make me a DIVA after all...You see this a BIG OLE BOW and SUNGLASSES!

Auntie Shannon showing Kya... How to be an even bigger CHEESER!!!
Kya LOVED Analise...but she still wanted to make sure she had Auntie Shannon's attention too!
Huggin and a Lovin on her BFF ....On girl I have been waiting on you to get here for so long...I mean it feels like years putting up with our crazy Mommy's with out you by my side.
Hey Over here...I am trying to tell you TWO I will be TWO and you will only be see this means I AM THE BOSS even if you are the CUTE new Guate Tot In Town
Kya and Analise sharing a NICE SPEEDY stroller at Gymboree....while Kya's mommy ran around trying to earn more GYM BUCKS


Anonymous said...

Kya's Nana says: OMG!! Too Cute!! Nana has been waiting to see these all day long!!--Thank You Mommy!!
Analise--save this Nana some besos!

Melissa said...

So good to finally see these two girls together at last. They are both absolutely adorable. I love the captions that you put with your photos - cracks me up!

Christina said...

They both are so cute and love the heart glasses.

Alleen said...

They are ADORABLE together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kerri said...

So cute!!!
The party sounds fun. If you need any help let me know.
Kerri and Ruby

Becca said...

Those are too cute!

Momma to Ella

Laurie said...

Too cute! I love all the friends Kya makes! That reminds me it is almost gymbucks time! I gotta do some more shopping!

Soltana said...

How cute to have those BFF's togther!!

LOVE the the pics

Sarah said...

They are TOO CUTE together! Glad that Shannon has her baby girl in arms for all your shop-a-thons from now on! You four will be dangerous!!

Kathy said...

They are both so adorable!!!

Crystal said...

For sure we will have to talk SOON!!! How are you doing? I am praying for you and your case you and your little Jagger man have been on my mind a lot latey! I am dying to talk to you--we found out some more info on Samuel! Can you e-mail me your number again?
Let me know what a good time to call is

Lou said...

AWWWWWWW,AP and I wanna come play, too!!!!! When are you coming to Bama?????? ;)

Ted and Lori said...

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. The outpouring of support has been a lifeline.

Carrie said...

How precious. They are adorable together. Glad Shannon is home safe and sound and you guys can now play together. We want to come too!