Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kya finds the JEWELS

Kya is very in to baby dolls and DRESS UP right now...well DRESS UP in my Jewelry Box that is...I can not keep her out of my closet ALREADY
Side note...Ok my links to all the BLOGS I read quit I will have to start over when I get time....or I may wait until I combine my BLOGS when Jagger gets home.

HUM what else is in here???
Oh this will look good as my HALO
Let me stand on my TIP TOES to dig deeper into Mommy's jewelry box
OK I HAVE to wear the ORANGE necklace since ORANGE is Mommy's favorite color...Maybe I won't get in trouble for getting in here
WOW this is a PRETTY ONE...better try to put it on too
What do you think??? Too many accessories with these Pajama's????
Ok I will lose the HALO...I know when Mommy finds me she won't be thinking HALO...but little horns instead
Look at me DADDY...I am your little PEARL


Katie said...

What a DIVA ..... and its just beginning !!!!! :)

Beverly said...

She is adorable. Love the jewels.


Laurie said...

Too cute! Looks like Santa might need to bring a dress up trunk! Hope you guys stay warm and are home soon!

Carrie said...

Precious and funny! I love how creative and adorable they are at this age. They are curious and into everything.