Monday, December 24, 2007

Daddys Christmas Party

We want to WISH all of you a Merry Christmas...My Christmas Cards may be LATE...I only got about half of them in the mail...I had a great trip to see Jager and you can see the pictures on his blog
It was GREAT to get to see him but VERY hard to know he would not be with us on Christmas morning.
Kya heading to Daddy's Work Christmas Party
Kya and DADDY...
This little girl is TOTALLY IN LOVE with her DADDY
Her first look at a Christmas tree...we did not put one up because I did not want to have to say NO every 3 seconds
Kya in her CHEF's hat from Aunt Janet
Kya and RUBY....her build a bear bunny she made
Kya and her Guate tot Amiga Ruby at Panara for lunch
Kya putting the HEART in Jagers Build a Bear Turtle

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