Saturday, December 08, 2007

Grandpa JD, The Spoon, and Billy the Bass

As you can see by the Video above Kya Blu and her Grandpa...have one heck of a good time together...even with a plastic spoon and a Billy the Bigmouth singing fish. Me and Dad kept thinking how much fun my Grandpa would have had watching her play with his singing BASS...

Getcha Getcha....Tickle Tickle

I think I need to stick this spoon in your EAR???

Kya Blu you are so SILLY

As you can see...the two Kids...Grandpa and his baby doll Kya Blu had a BLAST together!
Santa I have BEEN NICE...No I have not stuck a SPOON in Grandpa's Ear that would be So Silly
Kya Blu and Grandma with Billy the Big Mouth Bass
Grandma and Kya Blu Luaghing at Grandpa JD....Singing like Billy the Bass
The Griswalds...Oh wait that is the GREAT Family Casa


Cassie said...

Wow Kya must be extra special... They took the fish off the wall for her. That is way cute with her grandpa.

Princess D said...

Love the pics of Kya and Grandpa. Btw your house looks so beautiful. I told my husband we need to move out of CA so we can have a house like that! Love the white lights.


Disneylover said...


Okay, I just have to know!! Where do you get all the cute clothes that Kya is ALWAYS wearing? She is always wearing the CUTEST clothes!! I know you mother makes some of them. Does she have a website that she sells these on? I thought you had posted where you get some of her clothes, but I can't seem to find it now!

Happy Holiday!