Sunday, October 14, 2007

Savannah Banana and Kya Papaya

Sorry for no new pictures...UGGG I was making a SLIDE SHOW of the GFEST pictures onn THUR NIGHT..I loaded over 200 pictures and then when I was savingit the program I was using totally shut down and I lost all of I gave up for a few days.
We had such a great time gettingto FINALLY MEET Carrie, Rich, and Savannah in person. Savannah and Kya really hit it off as did we with Savannah's parents. We had a really nice dinner at MaCormick and Smick and they girls were a riot together. Kya got to eat an APPLE for the first time which she loved!

Lets keep our backs turned maybe they will put the camera away

Whos's kids are these??? Oh wait that our almost terriable 2 toddlers!
Come on Savannah we are big girls now and we must act like little ladies in the Fancy Smancy Place
Mirror Images
Savannah I would like to invite you to buy the empty lot next to our house so we can be neighbors...OK

Forking my apple to death
Savannah likes to pour out her snacks so she can clean them up
Mommy and Kya watching the DVD player together...


Kerri said...

Cute - very, very cute!
Kerri and Ruby

Alleen said...

Such cuties they are!! I am jealous you guys went to McCormick and Schmicks. yumm. I couldn't even think of taking Miss G there or we'd be getting all kinds of dirty looks.

Carrie said...

Candy--I LOVE it! They are just SO cute! Would love to buy that lot and be your neighbor! We have one here too. They have been building the house next door FOREVER! Those are the cutest photos you took. We will have to exchange. I will send you mine when I get a minute (in a few weeks or months or whenever that may be)! Thanks for such a great post and we LOVED spending time together. We have to plan something again soon!

Cassie said...

wow a playlist. that is very fancy. can you come do mine?

Cassie said...

wow a playlist. that is very fancy. can you come do mine?

Anonymous said...

Kya's Nana says: Mommy--you in big trouble--I see Miss Kya's already shed her tutu that goes with the Guatoberfest onesy. What you gonna do with a girl who can't keep her clothes on?? Ha!
I think you're payin fer your raisin!!