Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Ok I have about 20 more pictures of GFEST to post but this SILLY BLOGGER will not let me post pictures I got the two below loaded and then thats it...So I will try again tomorrow.
Kya and Mindy whos share a BIRTHDAY...what is so crazy about that???
There Mommy's share a birthday too...WOW!!! How cool is that???


Laurie said...

How cool? THE COOLEST THING, EVAH! What are the chances? You guys are the best birthday buddies two happenin' women could ask for!

Anonymous said...

Kya's Nana says: Candy--there are no coincidences where you are concerned--God has given you the gift of "connections". It happens every where you go! You are sooo Pauline sometimes Besos!

Carrie said...


That is funny--what a coincidence!

That photo of Kya leaning over the stroller is Savannah. She leans all the way over, almost touching the ground and then cries to get out. When the leaning starts I know the stroller time is limited.

I miss you!!!!

I will give you a call tomorrow!

Alleen said...

How cool!!!