Saturday, October 27, 2007

Kya's Loves Aunt Dar and Uncle Otto...and their Puppys

If the shoe fits wear it...

A girl after her Tia Maria's own heart...Wait these HEELS are not near HIGH enough.

Hey DAX do you think they will really believe we are Angels???

Yes its TRUE these are Halo's
Angel DAX
In Disguise Kya

My Guate Tot Friends...Sophi Kate, and Sam...Eating the most wonderful spaghetti...thanks Robert
Kya Blu, Uncle Otto, and Chico
Oh Chico...I think you are so cute
Happy to be @ Cheesecake Factory
Just like Mommy and Daddy...gotta love the PEPPER...even on Bananas


Kerri said...

Love the pics! I've been missing this cute face!
Kerri and Ruby

Our Family of 5 said...


Maria Izabel said...

she keeps getting more beautiful everytime I see her!!! it's amazing!!! I can not wait to hold her!!! she's too cute and funny and just very much like you! haha... love ya girls!

The McKenzie Crew said...

luvin the Kya pics!

nora said...

Love the pumpkin shots and the halos! How sweet!

However, the Target shopping cart photo takes the cake - I WISH that would happen during my shopping trip!

Carrie said...

If the shoe fits--wear it! So cute and Kya and the dog just crack me up!

Pepper and bananas-interesting combination, as long as the eat, right?

Kristin & Greg said...

What a sweet little princess she is!!!! So adorable!!


Becca said...

What a cutie - and so into fashion! I love her Fall pumpkin patch outfits!

Kris and Mindy said...

Miss. are always so adorable!!!