Wednesday, September 05, 2007


As Usual I took too many pictures on our trip to Texas so it will take me a few days to get them are a few from our last full day in Texas. We took a road trip to Galveston and Keema. We really had a FUNNY trip. Today we spent the day with Shannon the Great...check out her BLOG for more Kya Pictures!

Poor baby Ky Ky all she needs in this picture to be a true redneck is a beer in her hand and floating in a lake or river not a saltwater pool...At least she has all her front teeth...LOL
OK guys try to beat this REDNECK picture....that truck sure has some big ole Kahunas. Ok I know this picture is BAD...but the first time I saw a truck with this attached was in Branson and I did not get my camera out in time to take a picture...well the good ole TEXAS HIGHWAY came through for me when we passed this truck and I got my the way the man driving the truck...probably BIG ROY'S brother who was driving the truck with his Dog in tow...saw me taking the picture and was cracking up!
Another Texas Licence Plate...Big Roy like I said before every thing is BIG in Texas
Ok had to take this...and you all know why??? Oh how I miss Antigua
Road Trip Passenger Number 1...Kya Blu

Road Trip Passenger Number 2 Carly Daye
Road Trip Driver Troy Boy
Road Trip Backseat Driver The Doodles Dad
Road Trip passengers numbers 3 and 4 Sassy Cassie and Alicia Fisha
Road Trip I GOT FRONT Passenger number 5 Ki Ki

Kya trying to give the "ISH" Besos
Holy COW...wait that's not a COW that's a crocodile...let me take a closer look
Tickle Tickle Sea Turtle
Carly Daye the BRAVE Stingray feeder....You go girl!
Yipee we made it to the Boardwalk and I can now STRUT MY STUFF
The girls waving at the Jimmy Buffet Singing Boat...Kya REALLY like this

Oh when the sun beats down and burns the tar up on the roof.And your shoes get so hot, you wish your tired feet were fire-proof.Under the Boardwalk, down by the sea
The "Great Family" Chillin on the Boardwalk

Alica helping her and I mean HER BABY KYA. Alicia is a great cousin to baby Kya...she gives up time playing with kids her age to look out for and play with Kya Blu. She is a know how us proud parents are...we always think our children are the smartest or advanced. Well Alicia is like that with hear her tell her friends...yea Kya can already walk BY HER SELF and she is so smart because she talks more than any baby I really is so sweet that she is so PROUD of baby Kya
Kya playing with Alicia at the Boardwalk Playground
Hey there Girl...I don't know where you got those beads...It must be Mardi Gra and I am the one showing my Ta Ta's so hand them over....and heck no I am not giving you my POO Bear diaper in exchange for those beads
Yup Mommy let me play in the fountains with out my clothes and I am LOVIN IT

Come on Carly lets get out of here...You want to go watch some Disney in the know we have to get ready for Disney because in just few short months we can give Mickey Mouse Besos!


Tricia said...

What wonderful pictures! I love the girls in their colorful matching dresses!

And the BIG ROY?

Our Family of 5 said...

You know I just love to see updated pics of Miss Kya. She always looks adorable..Thanks for the giggle from Big Roy! I am still laughing!

Kerri said...

Love all the pics of Kya but the license plates are just too funny. :)

Kerri and Ruby

Home sweet home said...

Okay so you now get the Award for having THE MOST FUN on vacation !!! :)

The McKenzie Crew said...

That pic is hysterical - I am embarrased to tell you that may army guys at our Fort Bragg here in Fayetteville have those on their trucks - YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the three matching dresses pic and of course - the "Great Family" pic too:)


Alleen said...

Oh no you didn't take that picture!!!!! Hilarious!

I love those matching dresses too!

Corey said...

Love the matching dresses...
HATE the license plate add ons!!
email me I have toa sk youa question

Cassie said...

you are too funny. you take the best pics ever. the ones in the car make me laugh. ill be sure to show alicia the pics in the morning. don't forget to order my favorite ladybug picture of kya. i want one.

wareaglereed said...

Great, great pics!!

Hick pics, too funny!

Love the girls matching dresses!
You guys look like you had a great time.