Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Home Again Home Again Jig a de Jig

Ok so we totally had a BLAST in Texas as always...and I got to meet a very special little girl named ZOE FINALLY. Thanks so much Angel, Zoe, and KK for coming to spend the day with us. Let me tell you Zoe makes me want to do an older child adoption even more...she is truly an amazing girl. I am only posting a few pictures tonight so Nana can make it through the day...will post more tomorrow night

Oh I had waited a long time for this moment to have Kya Blu and Princessa Zoe together...let me tell you Miss Zoe is as AWESOME as I thought she would be!!!
NOW....and the reason I LOVE HAND ME DOWNS
THEN...because sometimes you get the same outfit you had the year before and I love to compare pictures like that
Kya still in love with her chair and her duck
Zip a de do da zip a de aye...there's a blue bird on your shoulder...Oh wait thats Dora!!! This is how I found Kya after a long day in the pool...sweet dreams my angel baby


Kerri said...

So cute - we've missed seeing that face!

Kerri and Ruby

Anonymous said...

Kya's Nana says: Too Cute!! Finally a Kya "fix"! Can't wait to see my kids and get lots of Kya besos!!

Natalie C. said...

i can't believe we missed each other...one day soon again

Farrah said...

She's getting so big, And I'm jealous I would love to meet Angel and Zoe and KK of coarse.

Kelly said...

Oh Candy two beautiful girls together!!!!!!!! Isn't Zoe coming to Guatoberfest???

The McKenzie Crew said...

welcome back:) So glad you guys had a good time - I LOVE Angel too:) She is my soul sistah for sure:)

Kya - you are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't wait to see Kya and Jb together again at Guatoberfest:)


Sarah said...

Cute as always! I just saw on Shannon's blog that you found the frog raincoat and umbrella to go with the boots! I might have to have you pick up one for Miss Bug!! Too adorable!

Sarah & Sophie~Bug

Angel said...

Ahhhh you are all so SWEET!!! It was so much fun hanging out. Let me know when you are in town again. AND we will DEFINATELY be at GUATOBERFEST!!! WOOOHOOOO! Zoe adores babies so I know she will be in heaven there. :0) Angel