Monday, September 24, 2007

Kya's First Day of School

Sorry for the SLOW BLOGGING...We went to Jana's house last week and Kya got to go to Mother's Day Out with Jenna on Friday. We really love all the time we get to spend with there family. It is so awesome that Kya and Jenna get to grow together. Please Pray for a friend of mine SIG there is a little girl that REALLY needs a family and they REALLY want her....BUT they need a Miracle to get her is her BLOG

Kya FAKE SMILING....before her shots at the DR'S office Kya and her teacher on her first day at school....when I came to get her she took her teachers hand and tried to take her to the car with us....I guess she REALLY liked her
Kya taking over Jenna's new Dora was too funny they were fighting over the kitchen sink...wish I would have got a picture of that!
On the Way to School...thanks NANA for our matching outfits
I can't believe it JENNA I finally get to go to school...WOO HOO
Kya I would not get that know our Mommy's leave us there ....RIGHT???
After School...can you see who is TIRED???


Our Family of 5 said...

awww, they are both precious!

Kerri said...

Cute! She obviously had lots of fun at school to wear her out like that. :)

Kerri and Ruby

Alleen said...

They are too cute in their matching outfits!!

Farrah said...

They are too cute...And I am praying for Sig's family..
That little girl so needs them.

Natalie C. said...

Ok so I'm jealous...wish ya'll lived closer or I lived closer.