Sunday, September 09, 2007

Daddy is under my SPELL!!!

I have no idea why my pictures are all jacked up tonight. Ok I am pretty sure that the picture below is going to be Daddy's all time favorite. Oh how Kya loves her Didi

Tickle Fest....Hey Didi Tickle Tickle me!

I am going to get this STINKIN hat off and I don't care if I drowned doing it...HAHA

This stuff my daddy is letting me drink is so good it almost makes my Dimmples stick out!

Dinner for FOUR...Date night with Troy and Cassie. Kya went to Play Time and totally LOVED it. She was happy to see us...after four hours but when she figured out we were leaving Play Time she actually rean back to her room...for more playing.


Tricia said...

ALWAYS a wonderful sign when the babes don't want to LEAVE!!!!

Great pictures - you all are beautiful!

Kerri said...

Cute, cute, cute!

It was good to see you on Sat. See you next weekend.

Kerri and Ruby

Alleen said...

Oh yes, that pic of Kya and Daddy is a keeper!!

OK girl.. what gives??? I've seen two comments on blogs now that have me going hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Home sweet home said...

The pictures of Kya and her Didi are soooo cute . I can see she MELTS his heart !!

Natalie C. said...

i'm jealous when i see pics of ya'll here in time your here you need to make a trip on my side of me tonight if your not too busy

Kelly said...

Kya Blu you are too darn cute !!!

Kris and Mindy said...

Oh what SWEET pictures...she has her daddy WRAPPED doesn't she!? Love it. ANd how WONDERFUL to have a date night. Mikayla still won't let us leave her but it has been 7 months since she came home and I am dying for just ONE adult dinner without cheerios and sippy cups! LOL.

Kristin & Greg said...

What an adorable, sweet girl!!! She has the cutest smile ever!!


Andrea said...

Yea, I'm with Alleen-what's up?? You have a lot of us going, "hmmmmmmm".

And I love that picture of Kya and her daddy. Makes me smile every time!!

Kelly said...
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Angel said...