Sunday, March 18, 2007

See you next week...we are out of here!!!

This will be our last post for about a week. Daddy is taking is to MN and WI. This will be our first LONG car ride with Kya Blu. We did get a new car seat and LOTS of WIGGLES and ELMO movies for the car. I also wanted to say that my computer got hijacked a few weeks ago and I am having to use my old one. I don't have all my friends blogs saved on here so I have not got to view or comment like I like to do. I hope to get it back when we get home.

I would like to give a SHOUT OUT to Kelly....Kemry is out of PGN after only 6 weeks...WOW!!!

I also want to say happy FIRST BIRTHDAY to Benny boy have a blast in Hawaii!!!

KiKi and KyKy
Sleeping Beauty in her new forward facing car seat
Daddy took us on a Date this week
Hey Jakob my mommy FINALLY gave me these Big Lego's you gave me...I love to pull them apart
Look I can BANG them together just like you taught me!!!
Then I crawl in the Box with them...this can't be comfortable???
I love this PROFILE
These are my OSU Overalls my Nana bought me...see how long my hair is now

Grandpa Kerby came to see me today and to give me my Birthday Present...he is fun to play with!!!
Oh Nana you are so SILLY
Lets jump off the couch again OK


The McKenzie Crew said...

Have fun:)


Merrill Preiss said...

Hi Candy,

We live in Medina, Minnesota which is a western suburb of Minneapolis or approximately 30 minutes from Downtown Minneapolis or 40 minutes from St. Paul. We would love to have you over for a visit. Please let me know if we can make this happen. My little boy John would love to have a play date with Kya!


The World According To Gabby said...

Have a wonderful time!!!! Kya looks adorable as always!!

Anonymous said...
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Stephanie (Maya's mommy) said...

Have an awesome time!!
I cannot believe how big our girls are getting!! She is such a doll face!

Anonymous said...

Kya's Nana says: Hola my precious ones! How is your first big road trip? Nana knows you are having a great time--have you seen the other 6000 cows by any chance??? Ha! Nana has a big empty space in my heart--need you to come home soon and plug it up!!! xoxox

Angel said...

Cool car seat!!! Have fun on your trip. Hope little Miss Kya cooperates. Angel

Kerry said...

WOW! Her hair doesn't look that long from the front! Beautiful! I love the picture of her sleeping in her carseat. What a gorgeous little creature.

Shannon said...

I LOVE the crawling in the Lego box shot!!! You know that had to hurt....but a girl has got to have FUN!!!

Carrie said...

Have a great trip! It is so nice to get away! That last photo is priceless. Savannah loves that too! She is so beautiful!

I guess our girls have more in common than just looks--no giving up bottles or formula.

Kris and Mindy said...

Hope you have a GREAT time. SUPER awesome ALWAYS! And when you are in OHIO let me know. We are in North East Ohio and I would love to get together!!

Rhonda said...

Thanks you for the birthday wishes! I had a fun party, but having more fun here in Kauai. The beach and waves scare me though. Love- Benny

P.S. You're so cute, hope to see you soon!

Crystal said...

Hey you!!! I hope you are having a blast!!!!! We all miss you!!! hugs!!!

Our Adoption Process said...

Those legos will be under the cough, under the fridge, under the bed, haha, but they LOVE them!!!


Home sweet home said...

What a dolly Kya is -- and her outfits are to die for !!!