Friday, March 30, 2007

Lunch with baby Analise's Mommy Shannon

So sorry for the break in Kya Pictures...I know I am in a bit of TROUBLE with some of you, but I know you all understand. Did I ever mention how much I LOVE OUR BLOG FANS??? Today we actually got to meet one of them. We had a great time getting to know baby Analise's mom Shannon. I want to say CONGRATS to her for her DNA match.
This was the first time she got to hold a little Guate Tot. I remember my first time to hold Sam and Sophie Kate...and yes it does make it seem like oh my gosh I am really going to get to be a mommy to one of these precious babies. We hope to get to spend a lot more time with Shannon and baby Analise when she comes home. I am going to try to sweet talk Kya's dear ole Dad...into letting us go on a visit trip with her. Well I stole these pictures off her blog...hope you don't mind.
Shannon, Kya Blu and me
Shannon and Miss Kya...showing you all she is cutting more teeth
I Love this picture...Shannon you are awesome!
Oh wait I love this one too...Kya wants you to come to lunch everyday so she can get out of her highchair more often...hehe
Clap Clap Clap your hands Dance Dance Dance around!!!
Oh 6003...I love the way you MOOve..


Carrie said...

Kya looks so beautiful. I love all the photos. It is so much fun to get together with current and furture adoptive moms. Our very good friends in the next town are waiting to get out of PGN with their baby boy and they get their baby fix with Savannah whenever they want. It does make it real.

Glad you had fun with all that is going on.

Love to you and Kya,
Carrie and Savannah

ginger said...

Looks like you and Kya had a great time. She is so adorable, as always.

Dayngr said...

Utter cuteness!

Lou said...

I know you from a lot of my blogging buds. I am thinking about going down after my kids get out of school in May to wait all this out. We SHOULD be getting out of PGN by then IF we don't get another k/o. I was wondering if you would give me some info. on places to stay while we wait it out for hopefully a month or so. I also am curious about the cost. My email address is:


Shannon said...

I had SO much at Los Cabos!! Next time, you eat and I will rip up the food!! Hee Hee!!

Dominick's Mommy said...

Yes, Kya is still THE CUTEST BABY GIRL EVER!!! She is just so precious!

I bet it won't take much convincing for Kya's Daddy to let you guys go on a visit trip. It sounds like he'd do anything for his 2 girls. You guys have such a sweet little family.

The McKenzie Crew said...

Hey girly:)
Good call on the post -
I think you are listening to your heart and it would never lead you wrong.
Your baby girl is GORGEOUS as ever!!!
You HAVE to spill it to me....WHERE do you get her adorable clothes! Kya Blu has the most beautiful girl clothes I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!! SPILL IT - I have a little shopping to do myself in the next 5 weeks - where can I get my hands on some clothes for my sweetness????????????


The World According To Gabby said...

I just got back from vacation and I had to catch up on Kya pics-what a cutie. I also love her clothes and bows :)

Maria Izabel said...

My Gooood!!! Love that outfit on her...she really is a princesa!!! Miss you guys...

Anonymous said...

My name is Lori; I have a PHD in Psychology. I used to have my own practice but now I am a stay at home mom. I adopted Zoƫ from China about a year ago. I found your BLOG through my friend Mindy who met you in Guatemala back in July. Mindy was picking up her son Eli. I try to catch up on my BLOG reading each weekend. I usually don't comment for lack of time, but after reading a comment on some of your posts by a lady calling herself Aunt Brandi, I couldn't help myself. I hope she gets help very soon. She sounds very bitter and disturbed. Is she mentally ill? I am also wondering the age of this individual, especially after I saw how many times she posted this comment on your BLOG. The two things that worry me the most is the fact that she wrote this as a letter to your daughter and that she seems to be using her children as a bargaining tool. I hope you do not feel I am sticking my nose into your business but if she is not getting help I hope someone steps in and lets her know she needs it. If she won't get help I would suggest keeping your daughter away from her and her mental abuse. If she uses her own children this way, it is possible she will treat your precious baby girl the same way. I am so sorry you have to deal with a person like this. Mindy spoke so highly of you and your beautiful family. Anyone who has followed your BLOG knows that you are a wonderful and strong mommy. I always love seeing the pictures of your daughter. She has the cutest cloths and I love all the hair bows? What stores do you shop at?

Lori said...

Sounds like a great time!! She is sooooooo adorable!! I agree with Lori above - move on and keep doing what your doing. Don't give into the comments, emails or phone calls. Don't be the same way back to your sister! It is too bad that she feels it necessary to treat you and her family this way!

Shelli said...

I am soooo glad that I ran into you that day at Los Cabos! Kya is just precious and you are as beautiful as ever! I wish I had gotten a picture of her with me, oh well, next time (hopefully not so long!) Tell Cyrina I miss her and give Kya lots of kisses for me, you are such a great mommy!!