Monday, March 26, 2007

I need Email addresses PLEASE

I would like to share something with my faithful BLOG readers in private so if you read this blog please send me your email address. With a little note so that I know its really you. my email is


Janet said...

wow - that sounds pretty juicy!
fellow guat tot mom

Janet said...

Wow - that sounds pretty juicy!

fellow guat tot mom

Angel said...

Hey there! First, I know that Carol would not mind at all if you shared her story. It is a good one that begs to be told!!! :0)Second, I MUST KNOW!!! What is this news???????? OOOOHHHHHH!!!

:0) Angel

Home sweet home said...

Waiting for the news -- LOL :)

Dominick's Mommy said...

Okay, I'm dying to know the news. It's me, Lynn, Dominick's mommy and Kya's biggest fan!


Dominick's Mommy said...

I'm dying to know the news! It's me, Dominick's Mommy and Kya's biggest fan,


Kerry said...

I emailed you. Please hurry and tell us. I hate posts like this...they make me worry!

angieshaffer said...

48 HOURS gets my vote...

ginger said...

Okay, my e-mail is on the way.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree...I can't wait to hear the news!!!

Flora's Mom

Natalie said...

I'm emailing you right now. I sure hope everything is OK.

Anonymous said...

Hi Candy,

I have noticed several comments from a Brandi on Kya's blog. Do you know Brandi? Is she really Kya's aunt? She sounds very jealous, immature and selfish. I feel sorry for her children. We all have had crazy, unstable people in our lives at one point or another. Looks like Brandi takes the prize in your family. Is anyone getting her help? Does Brandi understand how foolish and unstable she appears to be?

Candy, I hope I haven't offended you or your husband. I know how close and supportive families can be of loved ones that are in need of mental health services.

We can choose our friends, but we can't choose our relatives.

Good luck to you and your family,


Anonymous said...


I agree with Catherine!!! Don't let Brandi mess up your life just because she is not happy with hers.

Can't wait to see new pictures of Miss Kya.


Anonymous said...

I'm mostly just a lurker, but have commented a few times before. I'm so sorry your dealing with a bitter, blog-stalking family member, and I hope it doesn't cause you to have to stop blogging or anything.

I just love stopping in to check out your blog and see what your little cutie is up to. I have three sons, so I like to come here to check out the girlie clothes and bows and such. We're all about the trucks, and sports, and scouts at our house.

Your blog shows quite clearly what a good momma you are, and how very much you value family. I'm sorry this Brandi person chose to take such an immature and public approach to a family matter.

Just an FYI, she's added her hate to your last few entries. I just thought I'd let you know in case you want to go back to those entries and delete. I know most of us blog as a way to preserve memories for our families and children, and you might not want her vile words taking up space in your family's precious memories.

Take care,

Stephanie (Maya's mommy) said...

Hey Candy! Are you ok?? Hope all is well...we're waiting for updates!! :>)Can't wait to hear how ya'll are and see that precious face.

Oh...and I went back and was looking at your past posts trying to catch up with you and cutie patootie. I see that Kya's "sweet" aunt Brandi has posted the same comment over nd over again. That's mature! Blow it off! Not worth your time or energy! She's made herself look like an idiot, posting the same ridiculous comment over and over again. Whatever!

Keep smilin' and keep those pics coming of that baby doll!

Love ya~ steph

Anonymous said...

I know!!! she keeps posting the same comment over and over again...unbelievable...that just shows how immature someone can be...delete all those comments..
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Candy - she is absolutely crazy! I was wondering tonight if she was going to be on the "Dr. Phil" show for some counseling, that is pathetic....I think she should read all these comments and maybe she will understand there is more than just her in the real world today..oh brother..Love Shay and Haleigh