Sunday, March 04, 2007

HELLO we are back

Ok I have been trying to load my pictures but it won't let me. Sorry for the BLOG break. Kya has been pretty sick with a virus the last two weeks. She got it the day Maria Izabel left. I think it is the WE MISS YOU MARIA virus. Now I am trying to get everything ready for her 1st BIRTHDAY PARTY. I really can't believe my baby is turning one. We will be having a WIGGLES party of course. I will try again tomorrow to post pictures.


Maria Izabel said...

Ohhh... I hope my baby gets better soon! She has to be happy and healthy for her wiggle's party, and of course I can not wait to see more you

Kris and Mindy said...

Oh I so know what you mean about being sick. We have ALL been sick here and can't seem to get over it and it's driving me INSANE. I hope you are all better SOON and that she has wonderful B-day...they grow up way too quick I tell you!

Carrie said...

Poor Kya and Mommy! Glad she is better! I can't believe our baby girls are turning one! So fast since we have been home. Since Savannah turns one on March 17th we are going with the St. Patty's Day theme this year. Next year she will be telling me what she wants!

Brandi said...

Kya, I hope everything is okay and you are not doing without! I can see that you are not by this blog. Your cousins, Jakob and Caleb, however, are going without (cancelled Disney World) since your mommy and daddy owe your Uncle Tony and myself over $7000 for past storage rent. I know it has been over 6 years now and we have only received $150. I thought though after your Uncle Tony tried to call your Daddy and work something out so it did not destroy the family we might at least see some of the money. I was wrong. I know you Daddy tried to get your Meme to open the storage building up the other day to get his things out without us knowing, but we knew it would come to this and your Uncle Tony (he is pretty sharp) put a different lock on the building! No such luck! Anyway, just wanted to make sure you were aware of what the real story was for why you will never see your cousins again. Hope your life goes well here on out. -your Aunt Brandi