Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Here Comes Kya Cotton Tail Hoppin Down The Bunny Trail

This will be our last post until after Easter. We will be spending the Easter weekend up at my Grandma's and I will have to live with out my computer...hehe. I hope all of you have a Wonderful Easter. Here are some pictures of Miss Kya in her Easter Dress and her Bunny suit that I took at a local park this week. Please check out my friend from Guatemala Maria Izabel's BLOG. She is so sweet and really wants us to be there to celebrate Easter with her this year. Since we can't be there, she is bring the Guatemalan Easter to us, by posting pictures of all the celebrations this week. Please leave her a comment if you get a chance.

Hippity Hop Hop Easter's on it's way

I had a hard time getting a smile...but I really love this picture

Hey Elmo can you believe my mom has us out here in this HOT weather just to get a few pictures

Everything goes straight to her mouth

Wack Wack Wack

See what my Nana got me...Its my new favorite toy
This is one of my favorites....but the sun was right on her eye...uggg

I love this one too

So Serious...for a Funny Bunny
The Sad Lil Bunny Rabbit...just wants the heck out of this costume!!!
Tried to get a few inher Dolly Wood Dress but she was ready to go at this point
See Mom the car is over there lets get the heck out of here


Rhonda said...

WHAT IN THE HECK? This little chicky is a baby super model!
Seriously so CUTE!

Holly G. said...

Candy, Kya is going to beat you up as soon as she is bigger than you, over that bunny costume, one day. I, on the other hand, absolutely LOVE it. She is so cute. Miss G has that Elmo basket, too, and tries to eat his eyes.

:)Have a great Easter

Crystal said...

ooooh my goodness--Candy--THE CUTENESS!!!!! oooh she is just too cute!!!! Hey I love love love the blue dress!!! Beautiful!!!!

Hey hey thank you for my comment on my blog--I have an e-mail for you I just haven't finished it yet--where does the time go?!!!! I will send it this weekend!!!! I hope you have a wonderful Easter with Kya!!!!!!! hugs to you and Kya!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Candy!!! She is too cute!!! Love the bunny outfit!!! She will get you some day for that one!!! We will be in OK next Thurs and Fri., holler at us!!!! Enjoy your Easter!!! Love ya!!! Ali

Natalie Cook said...


FYI - We are leaving Sunday to pick up Caleb!!!

Maria Izabel said...

Oh my Gooood Candy!!! This are the cutest pictures of Kya I've seen!!! really, she is wonderfull, I know she must have hated the bunny costume but it really really was worth it...she is amazingly beautiful...I'm so happy that you'll be going to your grandmas,,,give her a hugh from me.
Love ya

Shannon said...

Forget me being a photographer!!! Look at you!!! Yo Yo Candy in the house!!!!

I think you are at Woodward Park in these picks!!!

Kris and Mindy said...

Oooooh I love these pictures! They are just beautiful! I adore outside shots like these...too bad it is SNOWING today! It was 75 just two days ago. Sometimes I hate Ohio...but it looks like you are having wonderful weather! AWESOME!
Many Hugs

Natalie said...

Candy...those pictures are DARLING! And is she not the cutest little bunny ever?!

Dominick's Mommy said...

I don't know what it is about this child but she is just the cutest little girl I have ever seen! Seriously, she's so precious and looks like such a SWEET girl!!! Happy Easter!

The World According To Gabby said...

Kya is so super cute! What great pics, I've got to get Gabby out for some Easter pics. She is too cute as always! Have a wonderful Easter and she looked so cute as an Easter Bunny!

Jenny and Matt said...

That blue dress is so sweet! Have a happy Easter girls!

Anonymous said...

Hi Girls!

LOVE the pictures!!! Thank you so much for including the link in your blog. What a nice way to see the Holy Week activities in GT. Wish we could be there to see it first hand. How beautiful.

Happy Easter
Big hugs to Kya Blu from Elianna


The McKenzie Crew said...

Hope You Guys have a great Easter!!!!

Love To Your Family from Ours!!


Sophie's mommy said...

I will be in Fort Worth 4/19-4-22 we donot live in Houston we live KY. I will be flying in for my sister in laws wedding. Let me know if you will be the area.
Love the Bunny costume and the dollywood dress. Kya is sooo cute.
love it. I will have to send you a photo of sophie in her reindeer costume we could have a seasonal costume theme for the girls who will hate us for doing this to them one of these days. oh well that is what moms do.

Shana said...

Oh, Kya looks BEAUTIFUL! I love love love that blue dress- it's a great color for her! You are such a girl after my own heart with all the photos... it's so hard to choose when they are all so gorgeous, huh? :)

Happy Easter!