Tuesday, April 10, 2007

GRRR Watch out Raiders I'm the cutest Chief's fan ever and I have a mean growl

Aunt Lala and Uncle Big Jon came over last night and I was a total show off. My Uncle Big Jon bought me this KC Chiefs jersey and I really turned it up when mommy put it on me. I also taught all the adults how to do the monkey dance. My Pink monkey sings The Monkeys theme song and my blue monkey sings Ally Oop Oop. I was a total crack up...Yup I pretty much love all the attention on me!!!
Big news in the adoption world I live in today...Kelly's baby Kemry finally got PINK!!!
Kerri's baby girl RUBY got OUT OF PGN!!!
My friend Amber needs prayers sent her way...the embassy is investigating her case now and she is down there waiting to bring Kate home.
My friend Natalie who has had a LONG and ROUGH process will be home with her son Caleb this week!!!
Also Ginger got PINK and will be holding her baby in just three days.


Come on and do the Monkey

Take a break and Kiss your bunny

then back to the funky monkey
Throw your hands in the air and wave them like you just dont care
Come on Monkeys its your turn
Raise the Roof baby
Yes I have my Uncle Big Jon wrapped around my little finger
Taking Bunny for a ride
Wow this is fun...just wait till they let me outside
Hold on tight bunny...your in for a bumpy ride
My Mommy really loves this face


Kerry said...

LOVING the wrinkly nose smile!

Shannon said...

She is SO stinkin' cute!!! You need to video her growling so we can hear it!!!

Anonymous said...

Kya's Nana says: Mommy Candy--I do believe Miss Kya Blu is having as much fun with the "Monkees" as we did in Walmart! We peed our pants--how bout you Aunt Lala? xo

Sophie's mommy said...

Love that face. How cute. I am having troubling e-mailing you. Will you be in the Dallas/ft. worth are next week. Would love to get the girls together.

ginger said...

She is too cute!! I love the first picture.

Crystal said...

Candy --Can this baby girl get any cuter if she tried?!!! I don't think so!!!! I love these pictures!!!!! Sophie has been wrinkling her nose up like that too and it just cracks me up!!!!! :O)

Courty said...


Courty said...


Stephanie (Maya's mommy) said...

Love the faces!! The scrunchy nose is great...with Maya it comes and goes in phases, but I love it!! She's precious as ever!! Tell Kya that Maya misses her buddy!!

Sophie's mommy said...

Hey Cnady: Send me an e-mail with your address again it keeps bouncing back. I leave Thursday early early. Love the pics.

Angel said...

Oh the GRRRRRR is awesome! What a super cutie pie. Angel