Friday, February 02, 2007

I HEART Anthony Wiggle!!!

We are Writing in BLUE today to show our support for Anthony WIGGLE...Gia your Mommy may have a "thing" for Greg WIGGLE but my Mommy thinks Anthony WIGGLE is the HOTTIE!!!
OK Babies which WIGGLE does your mommy like?

I am wearing this shirt to show my LOVE for ANTHONY WIGGLE
Ride a horse to market...Ride a horse to town...Watch the WIGGLES and don't fall down!!!
Hey Overalls FINALLY fit...thanks bunches
Mom I can not take my eyes of Anthony Wiggle...not even for your camera...He has got Moves!!!haha
Hey Gia which WIGGLE have you fallen for? I saw you in the wiggle trance on your BLOG


soltana said...

Sorry we don't watch the wiggles..can we still be your friends?? My 4 yr old has taken over the TV an watches Power Rangers... Cerah would rather play in her closet!! Tooo cute pics...

Holly G. said...

I love Greg Wiggle, just like my mommy...he is the cutest!!!


The McKenzie Crew said...

Gorgeous girl! She is so precious:)


Dominick's Mommy said...

I don't know their names but two of them are pretty cute. I like the grey headed one the most. What's his name???

Anonymous said...

We're partial to the Blue Wiggle. The bestman at our wedding was the same guy who was the bestman for the Blue Wiggle.

My friends all have older kids, so when I got a picture a few years ago of our friend doing "the toast" at the Wiggle guy wedding, it was sooo funny - but I had no one to share the humor!

Our friend has assured us that they are 4 of the nicest, hardest working guys around.

Miss Flora "my 4 year-old brother hogs the TV...I have to be the Green Power Ranger" :-)

Dayngr said...

We love 'em all but I think Anthony is the cutest. Does he seem a little bossy sometimes? Is it just me?