Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Be Mine Valentine

It has been VERY exciting around here this Valentines Day. MARIA IZABEL is here!!!! Kya was so excited to see her and it really is going to be such an amazing next few weeks getting to spend all this time with her. WE LOVE YOU MARIA!!!

Tonight we went to Mahogany's for dinner....Guess what Alicia got???? Well lets just say that Shawn is calling her AUNT BIG JOHN now!!!


Two Guatemalan Princess's together again...Maria Izabel and Kya Blu

YOU PEPE WE MISS YOU....please come see us too!!!

Kya and Maria had the best time at the airport...besos besos all over Kya

So HAPPY to be together again

What is this flower that came with my drink?

OH MY GOSH...An Engagement RING!!!!
Down on one knee...WILL YOU MARRY ME...YES
CONGRATS Aunt La La and Uncle Big John
My First Valentines is pretty exciting....Kya was smiling and laughing the whole time when John was asking Alicia the BIG QUESTION!!!

I will have the Australian Lobster and some glazed carrots
Kya's Gift for Valentines from her Aunt La La...and her oranges they fixed for her at Mahogany's. The waiters were so sweet to Kya and even made her food look Fancy Smancy!!!
Happy Valentines Day PEPE...Maria misses you A LOT
Our Family
Candy, Maria and Alicia


Love my hubby and baby girl
Oh what is this?
Oh Nana this money is for me...I will give you a little stick out my tongue to say thank you
Oh I love my Card...Tastes like glitter


Anonymous said...

O My Gosh! Nana doesn't know where to start!! I was sooo anxious to check the blog this morning--and I was certainly not disappointed! Congratulations Alicia and John!! Aunt LaLa your Prince has flowers on his shining armour--Ha! I am so happy for you. Luv u both.
Maria Izabel--Nana can hardly wait to give you a welcome hug! IF I can squeeze past Kya Blu. Ha! Aren't we going to have a wonderful 2007!

Carrie said...

What an exciting Valentine's Day. All we got was a blizzard! Love the reaction to the money. They are so funny! Kya looks beautiful and I love the family photos. What special memories!

Carrie and Savannah

soltana said...

love the money pictures...a girl who knows what she likes..CONGRATS to Alicia and John!!!

Cassie said...

Love the slideshows and that pink sweater! Kya is as cute as ever. Thanks for keeping us all posted on the latest news. Congrats Alicia and Big John!

Rhonda said...

Hey girls...Looks like your V-Day was quite eventful. You must be having a wonderful visit with Maria-Izabel, since your behind on your blogging...haha, I'm one to talk. Everyone is sick here...blah! Ben wants to hug Kya too!!! Oh, and Kya...I like money you think your nana could send me some?

Dayngr said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! My little girl has the same Sesame Street remote.